the 21 unspoken rules of joining a fandom

  1. Don’t criticise other’s ships.
  2. Don’t spam. In anyway.
  3. Don’t scam. In anyway. You will be killed.
  4. Hashtags are annoying.
  5. Everybody and anybody is allowed to like the thing. No matter who. Except maybe Hilter. He’s not cool.
  6. It’s okay to like your fandom because of your favourite character.
  7. It’s okay to hate the character everybody adores.
  8. It’s not okay to hate on other users because their follower account has less than you, or treat them any differently.
  9. Bad quality pics/poorly filtered/disgusting fonts[COMIC SANS MS] will get you shunned. If you want a really clean, chic fandom acc, I suggest HQ pics, a nice theme (something matching, a system you use when you post stuff, I don’t mean your layout).
  10. Photoshop is your best friend.
  11. Wattpad and are your life.
  12. Merch will buy you everybody. Want a friend? Give them some merch.
  13. Just accept the crack ships. They’re there. They’re most likely the reason 60% of the fans are in the fandom. Just.. don’t question it.
  14. Make you sure you research everything about the fandom. Everything…
  15. There is so many inside jokes. Honestly, fandom’s are better than real life friends.
  16. If you have talent for gif/story/fan art making… Do it. Do it for the sake of humanity. Or not. Just do it.
  17. If you can’t gif/story/fan art create… make sure to support the creators!
  18. Credit.
  19. Don’t repeat the same fandom joke over and over.
  20. If you see anybody in real life wearing merch from your fandom, you make SURE you compliment them. Don’t even hestitate. They’re most likely dying to meet anybody from the fandom too.
  21. Realise you can never leave the fangirl/boy life and you will be consumed with the impending darkness (you’ll find out what that means).
the other one.

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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