Gone Book Review and Update

Hello, my friends!

Goals for the Holiday:

  • a book a day
  • go for a run once a day
  • eating healthy
  • eventually doing my assignments, probably the last week of it

I haven’t read a book a day, but I have finished 2. I have 4 more books to read, and I will be reading them before my friend comes to visit for a week. I also want to have read them all so I can return them when it’s the monthly YA book club. I’m going to bring my friend along to that.

This week’s read was Gone by Michael Grant. It was a really enjoyable novel, it had a captivating plot line for the entire book, with 2 main perspectives: The Good (kid’s from the FAYZ, who help people) and the Evil (from Coate’s Academy, the children who are sent there have usually been out of place). Sam, the main protagonist for the Good, was in history when his teacher just “poofed” from the class. Skeptically, he and his classmates searched the class. Half the kids, who turned 15, were missing from the room too. After realising this isn’t a practical joke, they begin calling their parents and searching the town. All while this is happening, there is a miscellaneous count down. Over the next week, children begin to discover their “powers”. Some heal, some destroy. Very “Lord of the Flies” for this YA generation. 

My running habits have been excellent! If I had to grade it, I’d give myself a B. Plus an improvement award. Because the first day I did it I was focusing on having a break every big tree I go buy (roughly 30m apart). Now I can get up and do 2km (in 10mins) without thinking about those breaks! Yesterday it rained, so I’ve done all but 1 running day this week. I tried different times for when I run; 9, 9:30, 10:30 and 11. By far 9am is my favourite time to run. It’s cooler, the sun isn’t in my face, and my main concern of people; there is none! Woo. I even went for a run after sleeping over somebody’s place- I’m pretty pleased with myself. 

Eating healthy has been hard but I haven’t broken it yet. My snack is a plastic bag of marshmallows for when I crave sugar. I went out to a cafe with plenty of tempting treats, and I didn’t order one. I thought for sure I would have broken my streak. I ordered green tea- thank god for marshmallows and green tea to help me through this health kick, I swear. I haven’t weighed myself yet, tomorrow is the day we’ll see how the progress is going. 

On Tuesday, I went to the library. Rather than reading, I pulled out my biology textbook and my english text. For 3 hours I worked on these assignments. It was quite difficult as some seniors next to me would nonstop talk and then complain about the HSC. They were worried about not being smart enough, and let me tell you; they should be. They sounded absolutely stupid. OH WELL! I found nothing for my biology assignment, so instead I’ll go to the library and study the entire textbook. For english I made a paragraph and realised I didn’t know my themes. I emailed my teacher, let’s just hope she checks her work email on the holidays…

I’m going to start reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and go for a run. Lately I’ve been addicted to That ’70’s Show- which is hilarious and gorgeous and wonderful and asdfghjkl. 

Until next time,

the other one.

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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