The One Review

4.5 stars overall
2.5 for the first half
5ish for the second half


The One by Kiera Cass

I don’t like her writing style. A few times she’s misused words or phrases them poorly. The first half of the book had me struggling to continue. But suddenly after the half way mark, I couldn’t let go. In total, I cried 3 times for this book. For the last 30 pages, it took me 2 hours to read… Mainly because of crying so hard. 

I didn’t like in the series how absolutely nothing changed for three books. The same stuff trends:

– problematic politics– Mer is gutsy for her fellow poor caste members– she loves her family– her and Max are super happy together– Aspen appears– devious other Elitists do something– Mer makes it worse for herself– this usually is a public announcement that (is awesome and far more interesting than a Katniss Everdeen propaganda speech) is against the King’s wishes– the King gets angry– Max and her are on the rocks– she decides she will give up and is not worthy for Max (and this particular point always got me because Max was an absolute prick for the majority of the series when it included the other girls and she was the one deemed imperfect and unworthy… And it would’ve been fine if the ending showed contrary to this, but ultimately nothing changed besides… [next dot point]) – life or death situation / attack (that leads to…) – Max and Mer rekindle 

You know what I wanna read now? I wanna read about this story but it being a princess who has to choose between other guys. It’s sad that if that were the case, an uproar from the critics would deem it as trash, sexist and poorly written. That when it’s girls fighting over a guy, fine, but once it’s guys fighting over a girl, it’s a display of how ridiculous girls are in our modern culture. Please note, after writing this I found out The Heir is about their daughter going through the process. So… oops. Just enjoy this ramble. 

Overall, I’m a sucker for this story. Who doesn’t love a dystopia YA romance about a reality TV show and fight to the top to be a princess? 

I’m glad how Maxon turned out. I loved they had one more lovers spat before it resolved. It’s refreshing compared to other series. I hated Celeste (?) up until this book, with a burning passion. I knew her story was about to take a turn for tragedy immediately once Cass made her favourable. Of course, that’s how authors have to be (sadistic). But I love it and I’m thanking for the wonderful adventures.

the other one

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