To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Review

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


(reviews are from my Goodreads account)It would’ve been a 2/5 if Peter wasn’t so adorable. 

I never skip pages. But I did in the book. When this damn 17 year old CHILD starts talking about Daddy cooking in the kitchen, I skip over to the next page. That was incredibly boring, and not useful to the plot. This book does encourage me that one day, my books will be published. If this was, I don’t know what could be rejected. 

I hated this book, I really did. But then Josh and Peter became a bigger problem, and it improved enough for me to grade it 3 stars. I was very confused on where the book was going, I honestly thought Josh was the one I hoped Lara would end up with, but then Peter did adorable things and had his funny jock buddies and donuts and that made it better 🙂 

I dreaded reading because of this book. If I reread it, I’ll be skipping the first 50 pages.

Things I won’t miss:– “duh”– “Daddy” and “Mommy” said by the 16/17 year old– Kitty– Margot– Chris (her character was useless)– “DADDY”

I didn’t find Lara Jean (such a stupid name I can’t even) likeable, until the end.

Read it if you like slow paced, very PG, fluffy stories. 

Would I read the sequel? Yes. That book caught my eye before this one, and I wish I could’ve skipped the first book. I need to find out what happened with Peter (he’s the only one, besides Josh, that I care somewhat for in this story). 

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