Opal Review

Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout


It didn’t succeed its previous instalments, unfortunately. However, I found near to no grammar errors so woohoo!

I think I didn’t like it as much because the couple was happy? We all know when the couple isn’t happy; it’s more interesting to read. Or maybe it is just for me…

I did enjoy the romantic moments- and rest assured, there was stacks! Katy barely mentioned her love for books in this instalment, which surprised me. (Spoiler) Maybe all the sexy-times with Daemon keep distracting her? (End of spoiler) This book was basically a filler in the series. It’s like Twilight’s Eclipse but without the worthy material like the proposal.

There was a few plot twists I definitely didn’t suspect- Carissa being the main one. I never trusted Blake, but the ending did make me go ?????????? Oh but the best plot twist, hands down, was the creepy Blake sleeping thing. Oh. My. God.

The second half of the book was far more enjoyable to read , I must say. I have Origin in my lap right now, I need to keep reading.

Would I reread this book? I actually wouldn’t, if it was a stand-alone. But I probably will because it’s part of my new favourite series.
Cute moments? Not as cute as before, but that’s my opinion since they’re happy and stable (and who wants to read about a stable paranormal relationship? NOT ME!)

I think I recommend this to readers who enjoyed Eclipse and Insurgent. It’s that stage after the super-angsty terror that was around in the last book for the couple. No sad bits, really, until the end.

The last page KILLED me. I even gasped. Like, an audible, dramatic gasp. I didn’t even notice how loud it was until my brother raced in asking am I okay! (Which I’m not- I need to read Origin)

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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