Sweet Evil Review

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins


A million/5 stars!
When I first saw this book on goodreads, I was a bit skeptical for the majority of the ratings being 5 stars. Cmon, it’s a trashy paranormal romance in the YA section. How can it be deemed 5 stars?
But oh.

(exactly me when Kai and Anna do ANYTHING together)
This is an AMAZING book! It’s gotten me out of my reading slump, after reading a really bad paranormal romance *cough* Wither *cough*. 
So many times this book made me giggle. And gasp. And cringe VERBALLY. 
The characters were so well developed and LIKEABLE (the ones your supposed to, anyways). Their relationships were so interesting and valuable, I’m truly grateful for the thought Higgins has put into this book.
Initially, I thought this book was just going to be about Anna’s trip to LA. Usually, I’d dread a slow pace book for that. But I was perfectly happy to read about these two on their on little journey. However, I was pleasantly surprised (yet still heartbroken) that the trip wasn’t the centre focus of this story. 
This also entailed BRILLIANT, super-cool paranormal friendships with a this cliche of Neph’s that have been developed so well. You really feel for each of them, and that’s just another beautiful thing Higgins does with this book.
When I finished the last line, I let out the most ridiculous whining noise ever. 
I realised I’ll have to wait another 2-3 weeks for the sequel to come. 
I’m so sad to not read on about these, I’m sorry to say it in such a middle-school sort of way (but really, they ARE), super cool, paranormal members of the cliche. They honestly feel like friends to me. Am I that sad? Oh god. 
I’m a bit ?????? For the NYE’s pinky holding moment. 
My only issue I’d have with this book is the amount do times either Anna or Kai said they weren’t going to talk to each other, and then within, like, a week, they would, plus a passionate make out. But then go back to swearing each other off. 
This is one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read. It beats the fallen angels in Hush, Hush, and Fallen, EASILY. So if you’re into a little Patch or Cam, I’d recommend you meet Kai.
I’m trying to think of somebody that’s similar to Anna, but honestly, I can’t think of anybody. I guess she’s somewhat original (to any objectors, give some leeway to the generic protagonist finds out they’re part of a different world- because that’s the premise for any YA paranormal romance, okay?).
I lost count of how many times I laughed in this book. One of the most PRICELESS moments was when Anna’s dad FREAKED THE HELL OUT when he found out she was friends with the son of the Lust Demon. I’m even chuckling now as I write this.
The powers and specialities are so AWESOME in this book. The aura reading is so intriguing! One of the most beautiful moments in the book, is when Anna is being taught how to deal with these demons, who prey on those who are feeling a bit weak, and speak awful, downing things to them. And when the guardian angels hug their person. That was just… so beautiful! 
How does anybody else picture the guardian angels? I picture this sort of doll sized figure that floats about the persons’ heads. Also, does everybody get a G.A., or just the people in need? 
Also, a helpful feature of my edition was the list of Demon’s and their meanings. Also mentions the main Neph’s. 
I can tell Anna’s story is going to be EPIC. I wish I could write more on it, but honestly it’s so perfect I just want to write about everything. But I’ll let whomever is reading this to decide if they want to or not. 
All I can say is, if you even somewhat enjoy paranormal or romance, check out this book!

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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