Black Ice Review

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick


More like a 4.75/5

Let me get this straight, the first 26 pages- I absolutely HATED. She was super annoying. And used the term “daddy”, which we all know I loath from a fully grown girl. 

But then Mason/Jude/whatever came in… and BAM! The story was… delish! (That’s weird to say but it’s the only way I can describe it).

For sure, this book will be haunting me. It genuinely terrified me and kept me on my feet. However, you can check my updates, I’d like to claim that I predicted who the actual murderer was. I felt pretty proud of myself, as I’m quite dopey when it comes to mysteries. 

I hated almost everything about Korbie. So props to Becca for making her so unlikable. I’m glad at the end Britt (I cringe at that name) finally gets a good best friend (Caz). 

3/4 of the book were definitely not romantic. Unless you count her despair over Cal (FYI, very weird to read about as we share the same name). But rest assured, the last 1/4 was so beautiful but still had Becca’s cheesiness that I love, which made up for any lacking romance. To be fair, this book WAS a thriller, and boy, it shook me to the core! 

For those who have patience for at least 25 pages, I highly recommend it. Parts I didn’t enjoy

-Fitz’s ongoing subliminal sexism but unlike Hush, Hush, this issue is sort of resolved
-continuing on (I guess), douche-baggy love interests. But I understand why they were, as she was the typical girly-girl who fell for guys like that. 
-this book was one of those YA’s where the protagonist is pretty damn dull and boring, and the love interests are what make up for it. Trust me, the rest of the characters are highly intriguing and I value Becca’s effort into each of them.

I wish we knew more of what happened to Korbie’s family. 

I hate Cal.

How the ending happened was a bit… cheap(?) but it’s not the worst ending. The epilogue was completely adorable and I’m so happy we got that! 

It’s a perfect read for winter where you need a break from your paranormal binge but still need something dark (like I did). 

My last comment to say is that I felt like Becca’s writing improved as she went on. 

Definitely give it a read, it’s worth it! 

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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