Lament Review

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

Maybe 3.5 stars? I haven’t decided.

To be fair, I wasn’t expecting this book to be phenomenal or anything of the sorts. After all, I did find it in a Goodread’s “Worst Paranormal YA Romance” list. Which I need to address– this wasn’t paranormal? It was fantasy???

If you liked Mark Blackthorn from Lady Midnight, I’d highly suggest you meet Luke from Lament. They pretty much have the same levels of angst and hotness.

This story’s blurb did mislead me, though. I thought it would be about this girl who was a bit of an Alice, and fell into a faerie sort of world– and somehow meeting her love interest, Luke, caused implications of her leaving. However, this was not the case. It was more about this girl from Wyoming (I think? I need to disclaim that this book made me go into slump and I didn’t want to read anything, thus I took a 3 week break and can’t remember the first half of the book) who is very musical, and lives a pretty mundane life. Although, Stiefvater kept confusing me on whether this was set in Ireland or America!! That was very frustrating. IMO, I think this story would be better if it were set in Ireland.

The plot was good for the first half, the second half was completely predictable and meh. But maybe if you don’t mind it, it’s a good read. I don’t read a whole lot of full on fantasy for this reason, as I do find them predictable in the most uncharming (this isn’t a word?? Jeez, I apologise for using it anyways) way.

Although, the romance WAS good. Which is a shame. It seems to me these days YA Romance books can either have:
A) a good plot
B) a good romance
It was a bit insta-lovey and the basis of their love seems to be about how attractive each other are, but nonetheless pretty decent compared to the actual plot.

A few cliches I won’t miss:
– the opposite sex best friend who the protagonist believes only holds platonic feelings for
– the oblivious parents in the midst of the supernatural teen drama
– the “I can’t tell you but I really want to” conflict– which didn’t make ANY SENSE, by the way. If he was already breaking the other rules to be with her, why not just tell her the last secret?? This plot device was useless.

I still would recommend this, particularly to people who enjoy her writing style for romance in Shiver. If you like the elves of LOTR, and the faeries in The Shadowhunter Chronicles, then hit this up!

PS I liked this way more than Shiver.

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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