A Rainy Weekend

Hoorah! Hoorah!

It’s raining this weekend. Like, bigtime. In the midst of last night, I woke up from my bed radically banging on the wall. The wind was shaking my entire house!

It’s all fun and games until the power turns off.

Thankfully, that little mishap only lasted a few minutes. (I needz ma internet and electric blanket)

Luckily, this beautiful weather (completely genuine, I must add. I’m not being sarcastic) has coincided with the rare weekend when I have little to no obligations!

Hoorah! Hoorah!

The rain always energises me and it’s when I feel most comfortable. I think most people feel down and drab about it, which is still a wonder to me. You know what makes me feel down and drab? The boiling hot sun draining all energy I had with an excess layer of sweat covering me. That’s not fun. So you may call me the crazy one, but damnit! This is beautiful weather!

Being able to snuggle up in my bed is always needed on weekends like these. It happened to be on Friday I decided I need a break from social media (well, ones with people I know from real life anyway), so this has been such a peaceful 48hrs. I’ve binged watched more That 70s Show, finished reading Lament, and I’m planning on spending my Sunday:

– drinking plenty of tea and hot chocolate
– watching Grease while enjoying a face mask
– beginning and finishing the next book in Throne of Glass (#2)

I’ve recently discovered some great travel/lifestyle bloggers, whom I’ve never had an interest for in the past. However, I am planning my NY trip and whilst on Pinterst I found some excellent blogs. 2.5hrs later I finally click off the cute recomemndations and here I am.

I plan on creating a blog for my friends and family to check up on while I am in NYC for 6 weeks. I’ll aim to post daily, or whenever we do something. My plan is to do something every second day. My travel buddy will be video blogging everything, so hopefully she’ll allow me to upload the videos on the blog too. Additionally, I’ll reboot my snapchat (I deleted it over a year ago) just for quick snaps that’ll resonate as a preview for the daily post. Thoughts?

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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