Exam 2 and 3 of 7

I thought I had no hope.

I somehow memorised 3 essays and successfully answered the questions in the 2 hour period. However I was quite rushed and almost didn’t finish. Almost.

It was horrible leading up to this exam. It was part 2 of my English papers, and I was pretty much done with English and essays.

Once it was over, I thought, “yay! Relaxation! Who cares about my other subjects. English is the one I need to go well in so I get into my Uni course.”

And so absolute calamity overtook me for a good 4-5 hours.

But then all hell broke loose.

I had a Legal exam that went for 3 hours, and realised I still needed to finish my notes on the core study, plus write up 3 essays. AND memorise it all. So far I had made a 10,000 word document with the notes, but I hadn’t read over them nor printed them. So I texted my friend to kindly print it off for me. It was 9pm, but I know I had to study for another 5 hours or so before sleeping.

Just when I thought the waking up at 3am had ended. I promised myself I’d only do that for English.

My mum fell asleep so I couldn’t pick up the notes. I had to pick them up at 7am the next day.

The exam started at 12pm so I knew I could somehow study in the morning, but I knew that’s a last resort. My ethic is don’t bother studying the morning before the test, you’re not going to process anything you review.

Yet, I did. I forced myself to.

I planned to wake up at 5am but slept through my alarm. Like this situation could get any worse. The entire night prior I was working off 3 hours sleep, and in such a state of panic I was shaking the desk. It never stopped, by the way. No matter what breathing exercises I did, cups of tea drank, or reminders from my mum that I don’t want to be a lawyer nor is it important for the future for me. The table just continued to rock. I was convulsing, really. I ended up sleeping form 12-6. At 7pm I picked up my 50 pages of notes. I somehow started work at 8am and finished highlighting and making 4 essay plan tables (bless) by 11am.

Then I tried to goof around and make myself feel lighter (somehow it worked. The hard part was done, I needed to blurt out all the info onto a few pages for a few hours and I’d be done with that). After chatting to my brother about anything and everything (he was home sick with a threat of meningitis), I scoffed my spaghetti down the hatch, brushed my teeth/hair, changed into uniform and packed back all within 15 mins. That was unsettling but hey, once I got to the exam room I was the best I could be. I quickly went to pee and the exam started early!! I was yelled at in front of the other students. At the point I’m at now, I’m 100% done. I need some sleep and fun reading. It’s been study for 5 days straight, 10 hours of study; 3-4 hours of sleep. It’s catching up on me. I have 1 day of freedom, then 3 days to study for my histories.

My mother is going into hospital for the same surgery from a few months ago. I shall be going through the same process as before, all whilst in this stressful period.

I really hope the others aren’t as stressful. I have definitely learnt the value of studying during the day rather than night, and studying as much as possible as earliest as possible. I say all of this now, but 4 days time I’ll probably going through a panic attack for leaving the study to the last minute.

If I pulled that stunt for English like I did for Legal– I can tell you now; I wouldn’t have passed the test. But thankfully, I’ve been blessed my the Humanitarian Gods, who provide me with excellent essay skills and memory for their subjects. Let’s hope I pass! I am trying. I really am. My hardest, even. It hasn’t been my fault for the poor time management for study. That’s due to my teachers designating 3 exams back to back. You’re probably thinking “jeez, only 3?”. Take a look here to see what I have to do.  They’re 3 hour exams, usually with 4 essays (1000 words each), as well as a multi choice and short answer section.

Time to wind down. Tomorrow is going to be a cheat day. I will not feel guilty for not studying. I will catch up on sleep for the next 4 days, not just tomorrow. I will read possibly 2 books to make myself feel better. I will watch a movie to get me in the good spirit.

As a fun treat this afternoon, post- legal exam, I took heaps of Bookstagram pics. I’ll upload here daily (possibly, lets see how the study stress goes) and discuss the books.

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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