Day 2-5 of #AKReadsAug2016 Reading Challenge

I skipped day 1 as my TBR pile is waaaay to long. 
Day 2: Fave books. That would have to be Obsidian and Lady Midnight. You guys know how much I love them. Read the reviews here and here. 
Day 3: #booksandtea I finally found this book that I haven’t been able to buy for years! It doesn’t deliver to Australia and it’s not popular enough to be found online. I stumbled across it in my school library in the KIDS section (it is not a child’s fiction!).
Day 4: Title Cover Page- this was a boring day for the challenge but nevertheless here it is. Just me awkwardly holding the book (what is my hand doing???) Uglies (by Scott Westerfield) over the very laptop I’m writing on now. 

Day 5: Book Chevron- this is pretty bla but I don’t have nice areas of my house to shoot at and I’ll be damned if I go outside. Book: The Cage 
Want me to check out yours? Send me the link and I’ll look at the pretty pics! 
the other one

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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