Friends and Thai

No don’t be silly; not actual friends!

I spent the day taking care of my mother, who’s surgery went better than expected. Hooray! Except her foot has swollen dramatically. I decided to treat her with our favourite Thai food and then I laid in bed all day watching Friends. I kind of put off studying until 8:30pm. I know. It’s bad. I know I said I’d study better since I’ve had a shit of a time struggling with exams. What can I say? I’m really tired. Too tired to read!

So for about 15 minutes I set up what I’ll study for tomorrow, and then the rest of the week. But I didn’t actually do any study. Oh well. I deserve my fun time, damnit.

Then I shamelessly promoted this blog all over goodreads.

Now it’s 10:50PM and I’m ready to roll over and sleep. I’ll be excited for the Olympics- go Australia!

the other one


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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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