The Amazing Tour is not on Fire

Hello my friends! 
So I’m about to share you my story of getting my tickets to Sydney’s TATINOF.
If you didn’t already know; I’m a huge fan of Phan. For 4.5 years now. I miss their old stuff by nonetheless I support them now. AND THEY’RE FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA!
I was shaking while trying to order the tickets. I actually forgot the first round they held. Thankfully, they created more events and I was prepared this time. I set up the web page and got mum to standby to purchase the tickets via her PayPal. 
I managed to grab two seats, second row of the gold class (the best after VIP) tickets. 
But oh. 
Oh no.
The page HAD to freeze. It HAD to forget my details and selections of seats. I HAD to start fresh. I actually cried because the next available seats were at the back. 
I was unsatisfied with my second best choosing, and so I searched the official Facebook page for anybody reselling better tickets.
For about 2 weeks I chatted with some uni student who had no idea how to really resell, but wanted them gone. My pal and mum didn’t trust it (or for the friend; pay for the $10 extra [pathetic if you ask me]). So eventually I had to decline and apologise for ‘yanking her leg’ for half a month. 
such a beautiful ray of sunshine, how could anybody hate on him???
Anyways; I’m still going, in less than a week! I’m super excited, and will probably wear my merch, draw on some cat whiskers, and freak the fuck out. I will endure the public in the midst of my agoraphobia (which is v v high right now) for these dorks ❤ 
the other one

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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