Sunday Goals

It’s my last day of freedom before I return to school.

What I’ve been up to:

I went to a snazzy 18th birthday party. All my friends are 18 while I’m 16. It was very tame from regular 18th’s, I imagine, as I played card games all night. I really liked what a wore (though nobody else did). I call it “Primeminister’s Wife”.

I couldn’t find the exact dress, my was more risqué, with a lace tie up over the cleavage.

I don’t own another other shoes besides similar black pumps to these. I wear them all the time; with tan stockings. I guess I was inspired after watching Princess Diaries.

As I was sick, and it’s the middle of winter, of course I wore:

Only buttoned under the bust to give myself shape.

Accessorised by:

I thought I looked great, but when I turned up everybody was in jeans (except for the hosts) and I got a side glance from everybody.
Oh well, I was excited to wear my ‘costume’. 

I’ve had the flu for about 4 days- I just crashed after Trial Exams. Today’s my last day of recovery.

My friend BACKED OUT COMPLETELY from TATINOF. If you haven’t read the drama already, here my post explaining what’s been goin down. The annoying this is it’s one day before I see them; and I could’ve gotten the tickets I wanted without her! Now I have to find somebody with a spare $80 if they want to go the next day. Worst case scenario; I take my brother.

I read this offensive article that disses people reading YA. Just take a look at it. I think the journalist is getting confused with YA being not solely John Green.

A list of goals I have for today:

  • Rest (duh)
  • Read 3 books- you read correctly, I am determined to read all my library books. 
  • Write a review for each book I read
  • Watch an episode of Sherlock (BBC edition)– I haven’t seen it in ages and feel like some quality entertainment
  • Create 6 new edits for my Shadowhunter’s instagram.
Happy Sunday,
the other one

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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