Everneath Review

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

4/5 stars
Would’ve been 5/5 if I hadn’t rooted for the wrong guy in the love triangle, damnit.
This book all together was a well rounded story! It was captivating and original. There’s not much to complain about.
However, my only issue is that I think Nikki would be better with Cole. I thought from the beginning that Jack was the boring, safe option. And poor Cole, he can’t help how he feels! There’s literally destiny binding them together– and for some reason- that being, that she has ties with a boy who she barely dated for 3 months (only!)- she rejects Cole! Even though choosing him is the far superior and more interesting option!
Nikki plays the victim card a lot. But there’s literally a flashback she has, where Cole says for the billionth time “Are you sure?” and warns her that there “is not going back” after this, aND SHE AGREEED. Yeah maybe there was some slight emotional manipulation occurring, but cmon girl– you can’t hold a grudge THAT bad when you knew the repercussions!! 
I hated the twist with Jules– I don’t like to read about girls going against each other. It just adds to the cliche drama in the subplot– which wasn’t necessary. Nikki had enough guilt (her dad, mum, Cole, Mary…).
Which makes me highlight: WHY did a bunch of teenagers act so melodramatically?? For them, she was gone for 6 months. That’s not even a year. Her “boyfriend” was only dating her for a total of 3 months. 
That’s hardly enough time to be so emotionally raptured– and yet, he apparently acted like Bella in THAT section of New Moon (you know the one– “October. November. December. January.”
Aside from that, and assuming MY fave ship (Cole x Nikki) will get tougher- I can’t wait to read further! However, if the next one continues the love affair of Jack and Nikki, I may have to stop. Jack is great, but he’s boring for a paranormal romance drama. He’s the Matt of the Vampire Diaries. A simple human, all star golden boy, trying to be heroic. 

I loved this story very much and would gladly reread it.

— Two reviews in one day! My, you guys are lucky 😛 Check out my other review that I posted today.

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

4 thoughts on “Everneath Review”

  1. Omg! Love the cover! Got to read the book soon..its on my TBR list…

    (Sorry about the double comment! was changing from blogger profile to google+ profile!)


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