Opposition (Lux, #5) Review

Opposition (Lux, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 


3.5 stars, tops.

This book wasn’t bad.

It’s just… it wasn’t necessary to make a whole book out of this. Nothing happened compared to the other books. This easily could’ve been 3 more chapters at the end of Origin, and it would’ve had a better pace. 

I’m glad I’ve finished this series. I held off for so long because I adore it so much. This was a disappointment compared to the beginning of the series, but maybe I’m just not as hyped as I was when I read the other 4 consecutively.

I’m sad Dee and Katy never really reconciled their friendship to its full stake. 

Beth was way more chill and less entertaining than I preferred.

Daemon, as usual, was the highlight of the story. I didn’t really enjoy Katy’s perspective as much as his. Daemon turned a little too urban for me, with many “hella”‘s and “dayum”‘s. I mean, I use these turns religiously, but I still felt uncomfortable reading them in a book. For the perspective of a mid-west alien who was meant to be dark, elusive and mysterious. Anyways, he was hilarious and sexy which I always appreciate.

(I don’t care if this is the wrong Damon; Ian would be perfect as Daemon as well)

Bless JLA for including relatable moments for the book bloggers. She’s truly a legend. She’s one of my favourite authors of all time, I’m so glad Goodreads pushed Obsidian at every recommendations list I could view. 

I’m not sure if there was a reference to Breaking Dawn when Beth had her baby, and Katy giggled to herself and thought “Nessie”. Brownie points for that, as well as the mention of Sweet Evil once again.

I’m sad there wasn’t more to this ending. 

I’m pleased there was a happily ever after. 

I’m the most pleased that at the beginning there was many sexy times with my OTP. Bless up, JLA!!! 

Overall, I feel “meh” about this instalment. I’ll probably try to forget this last book exists and keep my happy moments, particularly from the first and second book.

Who knew such a catty, sassy relationship would lead to literally the end of the world???

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I’m so proud of my faves. I do love this series. I just wish there was a bigger ending than the anticlimactic one we got. 

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