Mailbox Monday #3

“Mailbox Monday is hosted weekly at Mailbox Monday. Link to your post about the books you recently received.”– GirlXOXO

Week 3 in NYC, and I haven’t been able to check my mailbox in far-away, Australia.

However, I guess my e-mailbox counts, right? Stuff like Amazon receipts to tell me which ebooks have been delivered to my new Paperwhite Kindle (that I got for my birthday).

To be honest, a lot of the time I just download the “illegal” copies online or from my library’s online catalogue.

However, a few months ago I subscribed to Bookbub. This is in no way sponsored by the way; I really recommend it. It finds cheap books that are from your fave genres and authors.

So far I’ve collected 97 free books of the day in the paranormal romance section. What a steal!

I also said YA, but they don’t find many for free or a low price.

Originally I thought the website knew I wanted YA-Paranormal-Romance, but they separated the catagories, and long story: short, I’ve downloaded quite a few….. erm…. very, erotic pieces by accident (I just liked the sound of the synopsis, okay???)

Give it a whirl, I think it works for many countries. I found it when Buzzfeed promoted it (very well, mind you, because I never check out what Buzzfeed’s sponsors are selling).

A book I’ve reviewed that I got for free from this fantastic website: 

The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride 

5/5 stars

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I hope you’re all doing well,
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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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