Library Loot #3

Library Loot @ The Captive Reader and  Silly Little Mischief. Share the books etc that you got from the library each week.

Happy Mid-December!

I’m writing this in advance, so if I’m correct, around this time I’d be well into my NYC trip. Which also means I have no books nor my local library near by. 

However, that’d mean NYC’s finest libraries were a helluva lot closer. 

I’ve booked a tour to one that’s a part of a NY Museum, hopefully I can take pics and share them to this blog. 

As you know, my goal is to read 100 books this year. I’m definitely hitting up the library to achieve this goal! As well as using my Kindle. 

But I read faster when I have a good-smelling, small fonted paperback in my chilly, baby-sized hands. 

This library is the New York Public Library, which I’ll hopefully borrow from soon: 

This is from George Peabody Library: 

They’re stunning.

But if they don’t have a range of YA…

What’d you borrow from the library this week? 

the other one

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