The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily (Dash & Lily #2) Review

The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily (Dash & Lily #2) by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

4.5 stars– .5 a star taken off for the angst. That’s not what I signed up for in this Xmas novel.

This was hella sad at the beginning, and I just wanted to scream, “GO AND TALK TO EACH OTHER! PLEASE!” It was a little cliche but tbh I’ve totally done it before as the insecure teen I am.

This did live up to my expectations from the first novel, though the previous instalment still trumps this. But I’m glad this book exists.

I loved how Dash was written.

Lily’s perspective kinda worsened in this instalment.

Oh well, they’re still as beautifully pure as before.

I really appreciate how innocent this novel is– it’s very sweet and perfect for a holiday afternoon read.

Highlighted quotes from my kindle:

“Ostensibly, we were still dating. But the dating was feeling rather ostensible.”

THE WORST LINE EVER, WARNING; “He’s allergic to cats. Sometimes I wonder if he is to me, too.” Sorry but argh that’s awful.

“‘It’s just something I thought I’d give to you. But you’re under no obligation.’
‘It’s a leather miniskirt, isn’t it?'” PRECIOUS BEANS

“‘I’ll wear it with pride. Dash-and-Lily pride.'” DASH IS ONE HECK OF A BOYFRIEND UNF

“‘Sorry 2 have left. Seemed best.’ I rescued to reply. Which seemed best.” I FORGOT THE SASS FROM DASH I AM REVIVED.

Something else I hated from Lily’s perspective: “‘except for a few god-‘– I covered my ears for the rest of that word that rhymed with slam–” CMON. PLEASE. STOP.

“Connecticut?!? What could that place have to recommend it besides New Haven pizza?” LOL

“Who even knows what the fudge- I mean, fuck!- calling birds are.”

“Maybe that’s why I love- I mean, very much like- Dash so much.” Somebody stop this please.

“I don’t think about me and Lily being good enough together– I think about whether I’m good enough for Lily.” OKAY DID ANYBODY IN THEIR TEAM EVEN SUGGEST THE CLICHE THEME GOING ON OR

“‘Watch your tone, Dash.’
‘I got it from you, Dad,’ I replied. Then hung up.” SLAY, DASH. SLAY.

“That’s the problem. I love. Dash cares. It hurt.” I swear this could be a pop hit from the mid-2000s. Avril would sing it. I can see it now…

“‘I think we should break up.'” LILY YOU FOOLISH GIRL.
… “‘And I said, ‘No.'” lol Dash my fave

“‘You are the plain yoghurt of boyfriends.'” NOT TO ME DASH BBY LOVE ME.

“I wasn’t missing. I was lost.”

“Dash likes. I… love.”

“‘It’s the actions, not the words.’
‘But Dash is a man of words!'”

“I dashed out of the car toward the train, to dash me home to Dash.” Mmmmmmstop

“‘Forget the elf on the shelf. Go to where it all began and look for a New Kid on the Block.'”

“‘So,’ I said, ‘tell me about your year.’ In response, she began to cry.” AW

I forgot Dash’s full name is Dashiell heheheh

“I nodded enthusiastically, and we headed over to Big Gay Ice Cream,” YOOO IM VISITING NYC RN AND I ACTUALLY SAW IT, I TOOK A PICTURE AND ALL– I freaked out quite a bit.

Lily wearing “an old fashioned ladies’… traditional Victorian bloomers”– K THIS IS PROBABLY THE SEXIEST THING EVER TO DASH, just saying– faves ugh.

“‘Get over here, Lily Present,’ said Dash. My pirate pulled me to him. He kissed me. And kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. Slowly. Deeply. Commandingly.” wOW hoTTT DANG.

Okay that’s all 🙂 happy holidays, friends!!

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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