Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss #3) Review

Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss #3) by Stephanie Perkins

5/5 stars.


Okay so I honestly thought the other 2 sequels wouldn’t match up to the romance of Anna and St Clair.

And I was right. For Lola and Cricket (they weren’t nearly as interesting or passionate).

But I was also wrong. For Josh and Isla. Bc they, my ladies and gents, were actually THE BEST COUPLE of all 3 books.

Maybe it’s because the way Isla has a crush is identical to my own. In every thought process and emotional reaction, we are uncanny.

(Ps I don’t like her younger sister, Hattie).

Maybe it’s because Josh is probably the most attractive of the 3 male leads.

Maybe it’s because I just spend 6 weeks in NYC and have fallen deeply for the city this romance partially takes place.

This book is way less (but still) angsty than Anna and the French Kiss.

It was sunshine and rainbows until Josh sent his care package. Btw, this may be the only time Isla and I would’ve not reacted the same way. Like it’s awful to see all the “ugly parts” of Josh, but he showed so much truth, I would love that. I would need to know that. I’m sure this is unhealthy, moving on…

I couldn’t help but compare Josh’s angst with his parents to Nate from Gossip Girl.

Josh is officially another new fictional boyfriend I have, FYI. I swooned every time he called Isla his little “rose”. God damnit, why don’t boys like him exist in my life???? DAMN YOU, PERKINS. FOR CREATING SOME OF THE BEST AND HIGHLY UNREALISTIC LOVE STORIES IVE EVER READ.

Definitely read this is you love Bridget Jones’ Diary. It doesn’t have a love triangle (well, there’s issues about the concept of exes but that’s all), it has insanely awkward moments (particularly at the start), and a s2g modern, teen Mr Darcy.

My last note is that I’m so happy all 3 couples met up together at the end, near where it all started in Paris. Ugh. And ST CLAIR PROPOSING???? Yay happy endings! I really needed that.

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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