Review: I Was Here

I Was Here I Was Here by Gayle Forman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4/5 stars.

I highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys:
[bookcover:Thirteen Reasons Why|29844228]
[bookcover:Paper Towns|6442769]

Initially picking this up, I felt pissed off. I just read the blurb and came to the realisation this isn’t the sequel to [bookcover:If I Stay|4374400]. I got this as a gift from a friend last year, and she said it was the sequel. I shoved it into my pile of books that I was never going to read, because I couldn’t stand the movie adaption and didn’t bother with the book.

But this year, about ago, I read [bookcover:If I Stay|4374400]. It was in my library and I thought, why not? I don’t own the first one, only the second one, so I may as well. It was fine bla bla bla I didn’t find it profound or anything.

But within the first page of this book; I was hooked. It brought me back to, what I like to call, my Reading Renaissance, back in 2014. I got into the fad of contemporary novels, usually 250-300 pages long, and my absolute favourites were, of course:

[bookcover:Thirteen Reasons Why|29844228]
[bookcover:Paper Towns|6442769]

This book struck me to the core and I adore it. A lovely quick read, similar to [bookcover:Every You, Every Me|9972838].

Now I am happy it’s on my shelf.

Speaking of shelves…


I HAVE FINALLY REA EVERY BOOK IN MY SHELF (and this isn’t some pansy shelf; this is a ceiling to floor, hella wide, shelf, compact with many books collected for over 4 years. A lot of book hoarding has happened, due to my love for and my library AND my kindle. But I’ve done it. And now all of my friends can come over and ask about any book, and I’ll be able to rave to them. YAY!!!)


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