Change starts with me

I think everybody should read a lil something about kindness when the world is pretty bad atm. This brought a smile to my day– I may follow there list of good deeds too!


A month ago, Gracie set in motion a blogging project called Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change. I signed myself up and volunteered Jonathan before asking him first.

(He was in Yellowstone without wifi being amazed by God’s beautiful creations. Along with a whole bunch of Chinese families who had brought WAY too much food and random stuff. While other people were probably eating hotdogs and hamburgers, they were dining on hotpot.)

The due date for that project is August 8, and while I am not late, Jonathan and I didn’t really do the project. We came up with one but didn’t follow through.

I’m not surprised.

Here’s what we DO have. Our initiative is called change starts with me. (But after scrolling through Pinterest, I think be the change sounds cooler, like in Ghandi’s quote. “You must be the change you wish to see in the…

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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