Review: Six of Crows

Six of Crows Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review is essentially spoiler free aside from talking about characters’ personalities(?? also, anything accidental bc idk what would be a spoiler for those who have read Grisha sorry).

4.5/5 stars.

It would’ve been 5 if I knew more references; alas, I am a noob who immensely regrets not reading the Grisha trilogy before this.

Overall thoughts:
It was hard for me to get into, because we really do just jump into the world, so if you’re wondering if you can read this without reading Grisha; bloody well just don’t. Okay? DON’T. I regret it.Have I emphasised that enough? Cool.

It was a cool story. Not usually something I’d love, but the characters are what hooked me.

Do I think this story is overrated?
Yep. Totally. It’s just like any other high fantasy in YA. I saw nothing outstanding from the rest.

This doesn’t stop it from getting such a high rating, however. The writing was beautiful, but I had to read slowly. That was only because there’s a lot for me, personally (as the noob who didn’t read the other series prior– REGRETS) to pick up and understand.

As many people know; I had a few problems with the building of the world. If you don’t know, here’s to catch you up:


April 20, 2017 – page 0
0.0% “Have I read the Grisha Trilogy?
Do I think I’ll like this?
Probably not. It has a map. I’m already getting ToG vibes (and you guys KNOW I do not like that series).
Am I reading this because it’s so popular on GR and very YA fan raves about it on my feed?

April 20, 2017 – page 16
3.23% “Okay this is good!
But idk wtf half of these Grisha terminologies were– maybe I should’ve read them after all…”

April 20, 2017 – page 33
6.67% “This is written really well. I have phased out a few times, due to long descriptions of the setting, but most of it is coherent.
I seriously regret not reading Grisha beforehand.”

April 20, 2017 – page 42
8.48% “”When everyone knows you’re a monster, you Brent waste time doing every monstrous thing.””

April 20, 2017 – page 88
17.78% “I like Nina! She’s a good voice of reason. She seems like she has some huge backstory.
This entire time I feel like I’m missing out on this big crazy war that happened in the other series… is that the case?
How many of these characters were from the old series?”

April 20, 2017 – page 128
25.86% “Idk wtf the dynamic is between Matthias and Nina and idk if they have backstory (I’m sitting here going “what the actual fuck is going on” because he wakes up, we don’t get told a thing about this guy, and book; he’s strangling her) but rn I’m just feeling some Peeta vibes circa. Mockingjay part 1&2.
I’m sad bc I’m confused and feel like a noob.”

April 20, 2017 – page 162
32.73% “Okay so basically NOTHING has happened in this chunk, ffs, but there was a funny joke taken to Kaz about a nursemaid.
Question for fans who know better; WHY is there not a glossary for some terms? They’re italicised, but not explained.
And some words are unnecessarily spelled wrong; like “medik”. For gods sake; WHY DO HIGH FANTASY’S DO THIS. WHY.
Somebody actually answer me please? Sorry, I’m frustrated.”

April 21, 2017 – page 216
43.64% “Yay I got new glasses now I can READ even CLEARER woo.
So a heap of character/relationship stuff is building while they’re on the ship; but it’s taking longer for me to understand the relations.
I feel so behind. I can’t believe I’ve gone into this hot reading Grisha first.
Like who’s good and who’s bad? Why should I care about a certain person’s feelings to this other character’s betrayal? Idk?”

April 22, 2017 – page 275
55.56% “Matthias and Nina are such hunky dorks it’s adorable.
But why is Nina so sketchy to Kaz??? I wanna hug Kaz. He has no idea what’s about to blindside him :/
Nina is my all time fave character in this book. She is the best badass protag I have EVER read.

April 22, 2017 – page 372
75.15% “”Because, Matthias, you stink of decency.”
I’m loving all the last moments before the show down.
However, coolest moment in the chunk: Inej and Nina’s girlpower- and dressing up as Fjerdan (or however else you spell it) women soldiers and trying to get in. That was very cool.
This whole book is quite cool, actually. I’m 17. They’re 17. Why aren’t I that cool?”

April 22, 2017 – page 406
82.02% “MATTHAIS WHAT THE FUCK, MAN??????????”

April 22, 2017 – page 470
94.95% “”I will have you without armour, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”
God DAMNIT how is this book going to already make me bawl like a baby???????????? HOW
I am about to CRY.

Okay so favourite to least fave characters:
1: NINA.


2: Matthais.

At first, I didn’t like the guy. In my updates I said he reminded me of Peeta c.Mockingjay parts 1&2 lmao. I had no idea what the heck was going on at the start; but I’m guessing he’s from Grisha and I’m missing some big plot. Then we were pranked by our own author, who tricked me into thinking he was a badly a bazillion times. But specially when (view spoiler) Also; he and Nina are my ABSOLUTE FAVE. Together and apart. But especially together. What hunky dorks. Hunky. Dorks.

3: Inej (+ especially Inej when she’s super girly and soft oml)

So Inej was great but at the start I kept getting her confused with Nina, oops. I really only like Inek when she’s with Kaz (primarily), or doing badass trickery with Nina. Like stealing the cloaks and making a disguise? (Hey wait I feel like we didn’t end up knowing what happened to Inej when (view spoiler). Anyways; she’s great. She’s super trust-worthy. I knew from the start that she was like, the only good person I could trust. Crooked Kingdom; don’t let me down I s2s (saints? get it ACCEPT ME FANDOM PLS I’M TRYING SO HARD)

4: Kaz

… Look. Guys. Hear me out. He’s a cool guy. But… dang. I got pretty much sick of him afer 3 chapters. I’m ngl, I like when he has his angst bla bla bla, but his macho/pride is boring and tropey. I’m sorry. He’s the main man and I’m not loving him?

5: Jesper

I’m sorry but his POV was the worst to read IMO. I was bored and it didn’t give an exciting insight like the others idd. He had the least personality, for me.

6: Wyland

Redeeming quality: plays the flute, has daddy issues. Great. Same gurl, we can have some great sleepovers together. But for reading about him; I felt sad at the end, his dad is a dick, but we never get a direct POV from him and so I’m not as attached. Sorry-not-sorry for this ruling…

Idk what else to say? I’m being really generous for my love for this book. It’s super popular. I enjoyed it, the writing is standard YA fantasy. It’s not something I’d tattoo on my face like I s2g half the members on GR are doing, but it was enjoyable and certainly not trash. It did drag a bit though… in the middle? IDK if it was more meaningful to readers from Grisha; for me, I was like “how long are are they on this ship daaaang can’t the assassination just happen already jeez”.

Yes I’ll read on. Mainly because this book did get me attached, by the end I wanted to cry mainly for Nina and Inej. Bless those girls. Men have been shit to both of them. I hope they’re okay in the next book.

Thanks for all the likes I got in my updates, too, btw. It’s the most response I’ve ever received?? I didn’t know this book was so popular until then wowee.


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