Review: Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


but oh my GODS the ending?!?!!!!!! (view spoiler)



K cool this book was fine. I was really just passing the time until my copy of ACOWAR was delivered. This book is super cliche, but I’m a sucker for it. It has the worst of love triangles, so if you really don’t enjoy them; stay clear.

But since I’m somebody who likes to torture herself; I indulge in way too many to say I don’t “enjoy” them.

Quotes from my Kindle that I highlighted:

“‘I’m surprised he hasn’t turned the Dead Sea into one big keg party by now.'”

“My mother was Henry’s favourite sister.”

………. idc if it technically isn’t incest; this is still super weird to think.

“‘He gets busy sometimes,’ said Ava… ‘Now, this is our closet. I even talked Henry into letting me choose your outfits…’

(yo guys for real you may wanna check this out if you liked all that angsty stuff at the beginning but were sad bc you actually liked Tamlin before all the shit went down… Like Henry isn’t nearly as bad as Tamlin; but it’s something to consider…)

“Ella… had spent the first few months dressing me in the most painful fashion,”

again; a little slice of ACOMAF but way suckier (sorry to this author it’s not your fault or anybody’s just ACOMAF really does play this story way better)

“‘-they don’t see what Henry’s doing to you. He’s hurting you, and there’s no guarantee it’s ever going to get better,'”

Thanks, RHYS James.

“‘Being with Henry doesn’t mean you have to give up who you are. Henry doesn’t define you, nor does this Underworld or immortality. You define you,'”

“No. Henry was the one who’d given up. he was the one who’d declared it over the moment he refused to touch me or treat me like his wife.”


So there you go. This review is the worst. This probably doesn’t help anybody.

I am totally going to read the next one, now that she’s (view spoiler).

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