#TheReadingQuest Update #3

Huge progress since last update!!!

I completed my first character!!! 

New character: Rogue
trq 3

I just need to read a banned book and I’ll be done with another character! Yipee!

I just searched Goodread’s “Banned & Challenged YA Books” List. I think I’m going to either listen to the first Harry Potter book (via audiobook, since I just downloaded it from my library), The Giver, or the Golden Compass.
Point Tally
 20 +10 + 10 = 40 XP.
 9.4 + 26.4 + 16.3 = 52.1

Point TOTAL:
XP: 160

HP: 168.1

Which means I am now on level 3!!! 

rogue card

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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