Cal’s Book Pictionary #1

Hello and welcome to a new game on my blog! There’s prizes up for grabs, first come first served.

Hello and welcome to a new game on my blog! There’s prizes up for grabs, first come first served.

How to Play:

I’m going to write a few vague prompts relating to plots, characters and fictional couples, and you guys have to identify them! I’ll have a contact form at the end of the post for you to submit your answers to. Winners will be announced in one week from the post’s published date (i.e. the winner’s for this round will be revealed on the 22nd of September, 9am AEST).


  • Each book prompt will be from Young Adult Fiction.
  • You may only enter once for each round (ie this is Book Pictionary [round] #1).
  • You must share this post, whether it’s social media or email. I’d love as many contenders as possible!
  • You don’t have to follow me.


The first person who guesses all correct, will win a (paperback) book from Book Depository. There’s no limit to countries or price, as long as you correctly answer the prompts. 

For second and third place, you will receive an alternate prize that may be a blog feature hosted on my blog, like a Guest Post or Blogger interview.


Ready? Okay!



Question 1: Guess the Author

author 1


Question 2: Guess the Book


  • Dystopian society
  • Female protag
  • There are four books in the series
  • First published in 2005
  • Written by a male author


couple 1Final Question; 3: Guess the Ship

Be careful, this one can mislead you!

  • Gay couple
  • Only started ‘officially’ around the third instalment
  • One of them is possibly bisexual
  • From a fantasy/paranormal series
  • The series is not based in NYC (I bamboozled you, didn’t I?), but in a: boarding school.


Please submit your answers below! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN ONE WEEK.




Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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