#TheReadingQuest Wrap Up/Highlights

Since I did every book challenge, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about every book. 

Here’s a list of the top rated books I read!

You, probably: “not another #theReadingQuest update!!! >:(”


Okay, I promise to try to not bore you.

I’ve had a few issues submitting my scores to Read at Midnight’s blog. Which is annoying; it took me forever to type up every book and calculate the totals. You see, I hadn’t made another post and I thought I’d copy and paste the scoreboard onto my blog as a wrap up.




I went to see the next few days, and it still wasn’t up. But other people’s were new. ??????????????????


Anyways, I ended up retyping it just then. Let’s discuss!

I did completed every box– yay!

trq 6 copy

Since I did every book challenge, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about every book.

Here’s a list of the top rated books I read:


I really enjoyed this character’s theme– hence why I started with it! 😀 
Different world: Lifeblood 10 XP + 38.7 HP.

This book submerses you into such an action packed drama!
Mythology: The Wrath and the Dawn 20 XP + 39.5 HP.

Gorgeously written, basic plot.
Magic: Challenger Deep 10 XP + 24.7 HP.

Inception-level trippiness. 
One word title: Eve 10 XP + 19.5 HP.

This book is a refreshing and original dystopia 😀 


This theme was less interesting for me, and made me get into a reading slump :/ But it was a very popular pick for initial sign ups! So I must be in the minority, then. 
Banned: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 10 XP + 26.2 HP.


This theme was AWESOME. Probably the easiest to fulfil, but nonetheless enjoyable.
Weapon: Huntress 20XP + 37.1 HP.

Red cover: Red Queen 10 XP + 38.3 XP.

Still didn’t like it, even though I tried really hard to!
Movie adaption: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 10 XP + 30.4 HP.

Not as good as Book 1.


This felt like the last mile of a marathon. It was hard to get through, but the result was worth it. These books turned out to be some of my all time favourites (ever!).
Fairytale retell: Ash 20 XP + 29.1 HP.

Typography: Openly Straight 20 XP + 32 HP.

THE BEST BOOK OF MY YEAR (except for Wintersong).

Translated: A Man Called Ove 20 XP + 33.7 HP.

Super sad and not like any other book I usually read. 

Bonus Challenges

This felt like time was pointless and everything was worth STRESSING HARDCORE-ly about. Not pleasant, to summarise.
Mini game: Adulthood Is a Myth 20 XP (Sarah is severely anxious) + 10.9 HP.
Animal companion: Lily and the Octopus 20 XP + 30.7 HP.

I actually rated this 2 stars, but it’s one of my most memorable books from this challenge. 
Respawn: Big Mushy Happy Lump 20 XP + 12.8 HP.

XP: 550 XP
HP: 741.4 HP.

I can’t believe I censored one word and forgot the about the other.

I want to know… how did YOU go with YOUR Reading Quest?


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

One thought on “#TheReadingQuest Wrap Up/Highlights”

  1. I did well! I didn’t finish a few of the side quests but I made a ton more progress than I thought I would! So Wintersong is good? It’s pretty high up on my TBR and I’m looking forward to reading it soon. OMG LESBIAN CINDERELLA WHAT COUNT ME IN


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