Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #3

This book meme was created by Bookishly Boisterous,where you write what’s on your mind and link up at the host blog every week.

Ready for my ramble?


  • I stopped watching season two of Shadowhunters after 2 episodes because I told myself I was going to reread the books for the millionth fifth time… I have yet to pick up any of my queen’s books.
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.25.13 pm
it’s not even like I hate the adaption… I was really impressed with it. I just stopped watching and now I feel like it’s too late to catch up oh no.
  • Every night I tell myself I’m going to read all day. Every morning I say I’m going to read all night. So far in the past 3 months; I’ve read 2 books.

  • I blame YA Contemporary novels for my book slump. Damn you, less-than-mediocre Penguin Teen releases. You’re always overhyped and never my kind of story.


  • I’m considering reading only high fantasy for 2018 because I hate YA contemporary so much right now.


These were my bookish thoughts! Sorry there’s not a lot. I don’t do anything. Like… Ever. So now it’s your turn to entertain me! Comment below some of your odd-ball thoughts, and let’s talk 😀


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

2 thoughts on “Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #3”

  1. why don’t pigeons speak?
    ^ that was my first thought & a legitimate concern

    but also ugh penguin like i love them and they’re cool but also i like their fantasy better.

    these are the genres I like from each “big” publisher:

    Simon & Schuster: SCI FI (& some contemp)
    Harper: only the high budget ones (the ones that get the promo so not Eight Days on Planet Earth or Here, There, Everywhere etc.) and even then it’s somewhat hit or miss. but they ~usually~ have good SFF and contemp
    Penguin: fantasy
    Disney: fantasy (some of their other genres get a lil funky)
    Random House (sure, it’s part of penguin but whatever): thriller + mystery (mostly delacorte)
    HMH: …not sure
    Scholastic: I rue anyone who signs with them for YA because they get basically NO PROMO and it really sucks for the author
    Hachette: fantasy (da cruel prince y’all) & contemp
    Jimmy Patterson (bc i’m like that): they. have. not. published. enough. books. but. i. need. more!!!!!! (stalking jack the ripper & gunslinger girl)

    so yeah. quick


  2. What’s some of Penguin’s fantasy? The only one I can gladly think of is Valentine ❤ ❤ ❤

    I love most of Simon & Schuster! THEY PUBLISH CASSIE CLARE.

    I only know Disney from Every Last Word and PJO hahah.

    Random House brings me flashbacks to all the YA vampire romances I read hehehe.

    What has Macmillan published for YA besides the Princess Diaries? I must investigate!

    Whenever I think of Scholastic I just think of The Hunger Games and that's it.

    Oh hey Hatchett looks after the indie- cutesy books. Yes!! I fondly see their name on my bookshelf 😀

    I loved your thoughts, Vicky 😛 Very amusing!!


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