Shelf Control #2

Let’s talk about a book that I want to read AND already own.

It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne

Audrey is over romance. Since her parents’ relationship imploded her mother’s been catatonic, so she takes a cinema job to get out of the house. But there she meets wannabe film-maker Harry. Nobody expects Audrey and Harry to fall in love as hard and fast as they do. But that doesn’t mean things are easy. Because real love isn’t like the movies…

The greatest love story ever told doesn’t feature kissing in the snow or racing to airports. It features pain and confusion and hope and wonder and a ban on cheesy clichés. Oh, and zombies… YA star Holly Bourne tackles real love in this hugely funny and poignant novel.


I got this book for Christmas! This sounds promising, fun, and a light read! I’m looking forward to a unique story that’s mainly comedy. I once read a review by somebody with an ARC, and they said it was one of the funniest books they’d ever read.


What’s on your shelf that you haven’t read?


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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