Review: Everless

Everless (Everless, #1)Everless by Sara Holland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve forgotten to write a review of this book. I never do that. Ever (except for PJO 3 for some reason? I’m too lazy to go back and review the tiny novel). So please forgive my fuzz brain.

Overall I was impressed by the world and the concept of time = money. It’s a very cool realm. However, this book suffers major middle book syndrome. That crushed my hype for this book.

Honestly shocking and original. I was a bit confused on the Alchemist’s story, which wasn’t very clear. But the rest was poetic and a little truncated. You eventually get the gist on who’s who.

Absolutely shocking. It goes in a million directions, which was miserable in the middle of the book. ALL SHE DID WAS WORK. That’s. It.

So the plot was boring, but the ending suddenly had a clusterf*ck of twists and turns that make your head hurt. They’re so cliche and predictable in soap operas… that I wasn’t expecting them in such a hyped book from 2018.

Also I need to add I hated Roan. He’s a total f*ck boy. But I could see from the very beginning that Liam was the misunderstood and mysterious guy. And of course he’s going to be a love interest.

Well, that hasn’t really been confirmed. But the lingering touches and unfinished sentences say otherwise. And I’m not mad. I much prefer our protag, Jules, with Liam.

– the value of time
– the value of life
– time vs money
– capitalism
– family
– loyalty to kingdom vs family

Other notes:
I wrote this as an update whilst reading the book:
“When I was explaining this book to my friend, I realised something about his book.
Nothing happens.
Everything so far has been predictable, and the protagonist is so narrow minded.
I thought I was enjoying this book, but on a second thought, it’s not very good.”


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