Top Ten Books on my Autumn TBR

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Hi book-worms! Happy new seasons. For many of you, it’s actually time for your Spring book tags, but as an Aussie– it’s time for glorious autumn! YAY!


Autumn is my favourite season, where I usually fall in love with a new fantasy series. Last year it was everything by Sarah J Maas, and years prior it was anything vampire or Shadowhunters related.


My Top Ten Books for Autumn:

1-3: The Grisha Trilogy

Okay, so this counts as 3 books. But still! I’m hoping this will be my new love for autumn ❤ I’ve read Six of Crows and didn’t understand a bleeding bit of it! So I thought I’d go back and read the fantastical world of Russia (MY FAVOURITE!!!).


4-5:  The Arc of Scythe

Again, this counts as two books. I’ve seen this pop up many times on Booktube channels and am finally going to give this series a shot! It’s not my usual type I like to read, but I’m hoping I’ll still enjoy it.



Other books I’m interested in:






What’s your favourite season to read in? Comment below! 😀


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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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