Review: Those Other Women

Those Other WomenThose Other Women (aka Them and Us) by Nicola Moriarty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had a ball reading this book. It wasn’t too Occa, yet still reflected the True Blue of bitchy Aussie Mums (and non-Mums). I listened to this book in one day on my commute to uni and loved being immersed in the scenery as I was listening to it.

I’ll be honest, I read this over a week ago and have already finished another book.

I’ve forgotten the leading names.

But I thoroughly enjoyed the dark-tales of mystery and deceit! I was torn whether I was on Team Mum or Non-Mum.

As a female who’s never wanted to be a mum, I shockingly felt sympathy for the support groups on either side.

This book features brilliant characters, and I highly recommend it for any who enjoy feminist novels!

It almost begins with the sort of silliness you see from Bad Moms. You know, that ridiculous ‘comedy’ starring Mila Kunis. But as you get deeper into the story, you discover each woman’s secret, omission and/or facade. I was utterly hooked and couldn’t stop listening. I felt like I was a part of the NOP (Nonmothers of Paramatta) group, and that I was friends with all the women. I grew quite attached to the storyline and found it inspiring.


We start with Poppy, the (co)creator of NOP. She represents the contemporary pressures of modern Australian women and the frustrations for those who don’t want to conform.

Then we view the drama through Annalise mind. This section shares the scary impacts of child abuse, cults, and abortion.

Finally, we get the story from Frankie. Office bitch, happy mother. Or is she?

– Motherhood
– Feminism
– Contemporary Women’s Culture
– Domestic Violence
– Infertility
– Female Friendship
– Social Media and Online Bullying

I was shocked and can’t believe there’s not more. The story of Carsie was the most shocking, and I’m slightly disappointed the story didn’t focus more on her.

I’m certainly glad I’m not on Facebook. Also, I have learned that the Moriarty sisters have been screwed over with too much domestic violence, cheating scandals, and female bitchiness to ever live normal lives. I feel awful for them. Boy, they sure make great stories though!

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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