Review: Caraval

Caraval (Caraval, #1)Caraval by Stephanie Garber

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


First thing’s first: I thought I was going to HATE this book. Oh, I was pleasantly surprised. This book was glorious and gorgeous and beautiful! I felt entranced by this world and the people, but still felt safe being the reader and not the player. The reason this book is not five stars will be explained later, due to the massive, annoying plot hole which is a sin in writing fiction.

Scarlett: Scarlett is wonderful and wise, and she won me over when she refused to trade her voice for the secret passage, at the beginning. I hate seeing naive female protags get themselves into disasters by the first chapter of a book, so it was lovely seeing a more relatable YA protag. However, Scarlett does lose herself as the game continues, but I do love her dark side. She wants love more than anything, but she won’t admit it. She is complex yet relatable, and I thoroughly enjoyed following her as she embodies Alice, in her Wonderland.

Donatella: Tella makes me glad I never had a sister. I did not find her charming, nor were we given much reason as to why Scarlett was so selfless to her. She appears to be self-centred and naive, even though she’s portrayed as the ‘promiscuous’ sibling. I find her a little too ditzy even when she’s acting as the evil genius.

Julian: It’s official. I love all Julians. If you don’t know my obsession with Julians, see my review of Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. I liked that Julian was distrustful and alluring. He was a marvellous companion who brought flair and love to Scarlett’s adventure.

THE REASON THIS BOOK IS NOT 5/5 STARS IS BECAUSE OF THE SILLY PLOT-HOLE IN THIS ENTIRE STORY. We are told everything is a game; an illusion and none of it is real.

So why should we trust anything in this story?

I feared the entire time she would wake up on the boat, or she dreamt everything.

It was weak and unfulfilling. There needed to be more truth behind the events.

Before the Caraval
During the Caraval
The Clusterfuck of Disappointing Plot Ends aka the Finale.

– Magic
– Sisterhood
– Romance
– Adventure
– Mortality

I will be keen to see where Legendary goes, but I’m disappointed there’s a value in cruelty within the adventure. It’s cynical and vicious to people with wonder and hope, yet Scarlett wants to continue following this magical world that tortures others.

I will certainly hit up my library for the sequel, and read it ASAP!

Watch this amazing book trailer for Caraval, made by a fan:

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