Review: The Belles

The Belles (The Belles #1)The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I wasn’t in the mood to read this, but its due date at the library is coming up soon. I was excited to read something that most people have enjoyed this year (hence why I borrowed it). Unfortunately, this book was boring as hell until the lies were revealed near the end. And even then, they weren’t gripping.


Camilla: the blandest and uninspiring character ever. It’s Edel, one of her sisters, who is truly the fierce and revolutionary icon. Camilla is slow to everything and just does what she’s told unless she wants something to focus on her a little bit more.

Amber: Amber was predictable. She was bffs with Camilla, but when chosen as the Favourite, she turns nasty. WOw. WhAT a SHocKer.

Miss Du Berry: a great antagonist, however, she has nothing exciting in her backstory for me to want to see her evil break-through.

Princess Charlotte: do you guys remember Celeste from The Selection? In the first instalment, she’s unbearable. Princess Charlotte is demanding, shallow and lacking as an antagonist.

Auguste vs the Guard: Where have we heard this story before??? Should Camilla choose the handsome Prince who has a total motive to backstab her, or the guard who genuinely cares about her safety and is trustworthy??? (The Selection, Throne of Glass)


It goes:
Look, I have ‘magic’.
Oh, I’m not the favourite 😦
Oh, I am the favourite!
The Selection but with magic.
The Selection’s ending but more boring.


– This book TRIES to be deep in its understanding of beauty, but I came away finding it incredibly shallow and lacklustre. It was pathetic.
– Yay diversity but also
– Why is this published
– Seriously
– Was this published because the protag was black and she somewhat struggles with identity
– Final theme: hey have you ever wanted to burn a book? Try this one.


It’s been three days, and I’ve already forgotten most of the subpar plot-twists. I just sat here trying to conjure up a single thought about the ending, and all I have is: it’s easily forgettable.

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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