Review: The Diabolic

The Diabolic (The Diabolic #1)The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I absolutely HATED the beginning of this book. I don’t really know why– but I was so close to DNFing. I didn’t care about how un-human she was, or the bloodlust she’s capable of. It was only when (view spoiler) and she had to assume the role as Donia, that intrigued me and kept me reading.


Nemesis: Nemesis reminded me of Kristoff’s Kaiser from Lifel1k3. I didn’t connect to Nemesis as much as I thought I would. She was too abrasive and harsh, but that didn’t lead to her being boring! Ooooh no sir-ee. I found Nemesis was fun once she fell in love, and was scared when she caught herself laughing, or when she experienced jealousy. Those were the moments I cherished.

Donia: aka the gay princess (view spoiler) gg Kincaid, well-played. I did not trust (view spoiler) I thought she’d end up backstabbing Nemesis. But nope. Donia is a sweet gay angel who has not much of a character in this, even though she’s Nemesis’ life.

Tyrus: honestly I did not care about him. But he had some romantic moments by the end of it. But meh. No hunky-dory-superbulous Hero for me.


The plot was dull until we hit the middle of it. THEN it’s assassination/regicide time. Which was much more fun. What’s the point of your main protag being a lethal weapon if she isn’t going to cause a war??? As for the sci-fi elements, if that was the main draw to this book, you may as well skip it. It’s mediocre world isn’t super high-sci-fi, more dystopic IMO. If you’re here for romance and you’ve never witnessed two people of the opposite sex communicate before, you will enjoy this book. It’s standard.


1: I am a robot and I have boring thoughts.
2: I am a robot, who is still boring, but everything around me is in chaos.
3: Oh hell yeah boi I’m a completely new person, I’m in love, I’m taking no prisoners.


– Human nature


I don’t know how anybody thought this could be a stand-alone?? It was so rushed at the end and clearly left at a cliffhanger. Barely anything was resolved. Buuuut that’s okay. Bc I am KEEN to read the next one.


I will promptly borrow The Empress from my library.

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