Shelf Control #3

Shelf Control is a weekly book blog prompt created by Lisa from Bookshelf Fantasies. Pluck a book from your shelf that you haven’t read yet, and shine some light into why you bought it.

This week’s urgent reality check to my never ending TBR is…


Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) by Sarah J. Maas

Published: September, 2017.

Pages: 660 pages.


What it’s about: This follows after the Empire of Storms (read my review here), in Chaol’s perspective. He’s become a quadriplegic in the aftermath of the intense battle from the previous book. In order to feel a sense of purpose in the future of the kingdom, he sails south to Torre Cesme in Antica (idk where it is either, the main thing to take away is: it’s far away, and this story is allllll about Chaol). Chaol and Nesryn desperately try to seek a healer for Chaol’s handicap, whilst also playing a little politics with the rulers from below.

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How and when I got it: This was an impulse buy when it was newly released in Target, so I bought it (I don’t own any of the other books, but I thought I just had to read it).


Why I want to read it: Last year I reread the Throne of Glass series, and absolutely adored it. I haven’t read this yet because I don’t care for Chaol (compared to how I root for Aelin and Dorian and Manon). Kingdom of Ash’s release is soon (this October), so I better get caught up with the story so I can enjoy the epic finale!!!


What book is on your shelf that you haven’t read yet?


Fun Fact: It’s my birthday 🙂 I’m 19 today.

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