Weekend Cooking #4

Hosted by Beth Fish Reads, let’s just talk about food-related books and food. Food is great. Food is delish.


I got my wisdom teeth taken out! (Update: no I didn’t. Look forward to in 2 weeks time, when my surgery has been postponed). This is my third time mentioning it on the blog this week. Sorry. But also eh I could be talking about it more, so bugger off. 


For the next week, all I’ll be having is good ol’ mash potatoes, ice cream, and soft pasta. 

Hey, mum. If you’re reading this. Can you pretty please invent mash potatoes with bits of ham inside of them? Thank yoooooou!


I’ll also be too tired to sit up and read, so audiobooks will be my closest friend <3.


I want to know: do you like plain food? I met somebody who said bread is like water, it’s boring. I WAS HORRIFIED. Plain bread, pasta and potatoes are the best.

What’s your stance?


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

One thought on “Weekend Cooking #4”

  1. Is bread is boring, then who the hell wants to be exciting then! I’m big on plain foods. As I get older, the list of food I can eat without ending up with indigestion keeps getting shorter but I’m happy with a couple of snags for tea and mash even, I’m really not fussy. Wisdom teeth removal isn’t too bad if you’re being put under. I remember after my husband had his removed, I was making the little tiny pasta with broth, gnocchi was another. I hope all goes well with your surgery ♡♡♡

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