Review: We Are Okay

We Are OkayWe Are Okay by Nina LaCour

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I read this is one sitting. It’s a little over 200 pages. I was fairly confused about what was going on in the middle. It kept flashing forward and backward and even more backward but also she was having panic attacks so it was even more disorienting. PLUS this had a “mystery” element to it. The entire time I was confused but also crying. This was so emotional and sad and heartbreaking.


Marin: Marin is roughly in college. But that isn’t a focus at all. She’s been through a lot. To give you the rundown: she doesn’t remember her mum, her gramps was everything (but hid an entire world to her) and she’s gay. Lots of angst. This character will make you wanna KYS. But therapeutically.

Mabel: This is Marin’s life. Her whole life. She’s the first love for Marin. She’s the saviour of her misery. She’s her hero, who comes to find her after Marin runs away. She’s incredibly giving and loving. Thank god for Mabel.

Gramps: So… I’m confused. (view spoiler) Somebody, please answer my questions.

Ava and Javier: these are Mabel’s parents. They are Hispanic. Also, they’re the greatest fictional parents after Matilda‘s Miss Honey.

Tommy: Tommy was some sort of janitor who was meant to keep an eye out on Marin? But also had the girls stay at his place during a storm? And then we never hear of him again? I’m confused; please help.


Honestly, I don’t know. (view spoiler) It leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you think about it.


It’s what I like to describe as a fuckfest. But in a “wow this is so emotional and depressing i just wanna commit now” kind of fest.


– My brain can’t think of the smart terms of the super important and deep themes throughout this…
– Death.
– Motherhood.
– Lesbians!
– Orphanism.
– New Adulthood.
LONELINESS. Which was such a killer, btw. I wanted to die.


I… don’t know. I don’t know how I feel. I have so much unanswered. But I am happy for her, thank god. Thank god she is okay.


Yeah so I probably won’t read this because it’s extremely triggering but also makes me do a good ol’ fashion Dan Howell:

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