Weekend Cooking #5

Hosted by Beth Fish Reads: let’s just talk about food-related books and food. Food is great. Food is delish.

This Thursday, I posted another round of Thirsty Thursdays & Hungry Hearts. The two books I’m reading, Tower of Dawn, and Ink, Iron, and Glass, both have a heavy focus on “exotic” meals.



Tower of Dawn emulates a fantasy world that I imagine is a parallel of India or maybe the Middle East. In turn, I imagine cliche White People Spicy Food. 

Which… I fully embrace. I thought for the first 15 years of my life that celery was spicy (like an actual spice. I’ll still fight anyone who goes against my word. It is so hot and prickles my tongue). I am the pique of White People Spice Tolerance.

Vegan Indian Street Food: this is the kind of masterpiece I would shove into my body, even after reaching the point of feeling full. Cred: The Vegetarian Society Cookery School

If YOU can imagine, my thoughts on celery were just the tip of the iceberg. Any type of Indian food, aside from naan bread, is way over my limit. I have no idea what are nice spicy dishes. I think I’d die of starvation in Antica (where Tower of Dawn is set).


So my question goes to you… if you were a citizen from Antica, what spicy/”exotic”/Non-White-People food would you recommend to This Hot Mess?

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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