Blog Procrastination| Tell Me Something Tuesday #7

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This week’s question is: Do You Procrastinate Writing Book Reviews?

Short answer: NO!


What does procrastination look like for a book blogger?

Road A:

  • You read a book you ADORED and finished it super quickly!!!

  • BUT… you’re now overwhelmed with how much you enjoyed it.

  • It was so new and original and you felt like you were embraced by all your family and friends.
  • It’s way too daunting to even TRY to encapsulate how great this read was.
  • So you tell yourself you won’t read anything because 1) you’re not over your recent read, and 2) how hard is it to review a book you adored? Not hard at all. You will write the review before you begin a probably subpar story…
  • 3 weeks later: you haven’t read anything new, you’re still not over your ‘recent’ read, you haven’t even started writing the review, and everytime you go on Goodreads or Twitter, the GUILT INTENSIFIES.

  • 1 week even later: you finally do it. You write the review. Aaaand you’ve forgotten all the special moments that made the book Five Stars™️. Congrats. Here’s to another review that you’re not super proud of. Oh well, you found a new fave book!


Road B:

  • This
  • Book
  • Took
  • Forever
  • And it sucked ass.
  • It’s time to write this review.
Me @ me.
  • But wait, all my friends enjoyed this book.
  • Did I even read the book?
  • This mutual said it changed her life… wait, when was THAT beautiful quote said???
Questioning… everything.
  • Maybe I should reread this and Thi S TIME I WI L L  like It!!
  • *thinks about reading it again* … Yeah no this isn’t going to work.

  • *goes onto Goodreads*.
  • *is distracted by interesting looking books for 4hrs*.
  • *…never writes the review*
  • 3 years later: *sees a friend review this book* Oh hey I remember reading that book! Did I like it? I remember there was heaps of hype. Aw, remember when X genre was all the rage? Let me just refresh my thoughts by going… to..
Me scrolling my book review archive.
  • GOd damnit.
  • THere’s no review!
  • *rating: 2/5 stars* welp okay not bringing THIS book up to my friend.
*Hides forever*


Maybe these two are just me, but in my experience of reviewing books for the past 4 years, I fall into these two the most.


If not: I always review them. Anything I’m not passionate about = instant review. It doesn’t hurt to just get it over and done with.


My method is THE SECOND I finish the book, to hop onto Goodreads and review it. Make it pretty later, if need be. THEN I’m allowed to pick up a new book.


Of course, this doesn’t always work…

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.45.25 pm
Look how long these have been on my Currently Reading shelf…


What’s your routine for reviewing books? 


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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