Review: The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen (The Forest of Good and Evil, #1)The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I started to read this in September 2019. Then I got glandular fever. I had to return this back to the library. I picked it up and read it within 1 (long) sitting on the cruise, beside the pool deck. I got a massive burn, but I LOVED THIS WORLD. I love Gena’s writing. Another success for me, yippee!


Everly: our Evil Queen (or is she?). She is our main protag, with doom destined for her life. What do you do when you’ve been prophesied to be an evil, heartless queen? You embrace it. Everly’s actions were so reasonable (to me). I felt her decisions, her evil and her goodness were showing the multi-dimension and complexity every girl has (and what many stories fail to represent). I thoroughly revelled in her character.
Hartley: Everly’s twin sister (/cousin). She’s my most disliked character, as she was not well fleshed out. Nor did she have much dimension to her. But I’m glad she randomly got married and was happy, I guess??
Truly: Everly’s true twin sister. She was a nasty bitch who had no considerations whatsoever except fro her first love. Foolish.
Roth: OUR LOVE INTEREST. and also Class A Dumbass. Such a dumbass. So cruel, so painful… and so loving at the end. Honestly… he’s too abusive/manipulative for me to swoon. But he’s your atypical ‘dark romance’ guy.
Farrah: Hartley’s girlfriend. Roth’s sister. Snow White. Or is she? She’s a ruthless bitch who likes people to suffer. She will turn the whole world upside down as long as she looks good.


Everly can see somebody in her mirror. She feels a draw to look in it. She’s addicted. Then, her mum dies. Her mum’s boyf (her uncle) spills the deets that Everly is in the Snow White prophecy. Her real mother (Violet) was barren, so a whole bunch of royal women ate from the tree of Good and Evil. It made all of their children fulfil the classic fairy tales, including Snow White. But it’s not clear WHO plays WHICH ROLE. Everly travels through the mirror and meets all these new people, including handsome princes and bitchy witches and vampiric trolls. It’s an epic journey, and a sad one. There’s a LOT of grief and sorrow, but Everly grows for the better.


Entirely in Everly’s perspective, we follow the unfolding of the prophecy– sometimes the characters pursue the storyline, other times, no matter how hard they try to avoid it, they fulfil it regardless.


Family: who counts? Who can you choose?
Fate and Destiny


HEA, hooray! Personally, I would have enjoyed an ending where Everly continued to be cruel and made Roth AND Farrah suffer forever. Oh well, mercy and grace and whatnot.


I can’t wait to read all fo the retellings! This series is wonderful and passionate and totally up my ally. If you like Obsidian and Twilight, you will like Showalter’s romantic stories.

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