Ten Items for a Bookish Party | Top Ten Tuesday

Jana has prompted us book bloggers to list the items we’d use/bring to a Bookish Party.

Before I list what items I’d include, it’s important to clarify: what IS a ‘Bookish Party’?


After a 2 minute search on Google, I can conclude that it’s absolutely anything that involves the theme of books. This ranges from fun book clubs to glamorous weddings! I think many would plan for a Birthday Bookish ‘do, but I’ve decided to plan for a Very Well Organised Book Club.


Book Club: Young and New Adult

Attendees: 5-10 people


Top Ten Bookish Items:

1: The Grand Opening Celebration Cake

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos) - berry-break-24.8


2: Tea (Pot + Cups)

Bookish Teapots, Part One | Tea pots, Tea, Tea cups

25 Literary Tea Gifts & Accessories for the Bookish Tea Lovers in ...


3: DIY Bookmark Station

书签刺绣diy手工制作材料包古风丝带自绣苏绣初学礼物戳戳搓搓绣 ...


4: DIY Cookie Station

See a cute video of Bookish Cookies here:


5: Dress Up Section

Perhaps as a fun game, people can draw a random card with a character on it. They have 60 seconds to dress up as best as the character, while the rest of the participants guess who it is! (see a great list of bookish characters here)

shadowhunter 2


6: Silent Reading Cushion

When (inevitably) everybody wants to stop socialising and start reading, they can get their little snug corner ready!


Picture from Cierra.


7: Oodie

Has anyone else seen these all over their YT ads!?!? I SO BADLY WANT ONE (#NotASponsor)

Pink Oodie | Wearable Hooded Blanket – The Oodie

It’s like it’s a new generation of Snuggies!!!


8: Kindle Charging Booths

In the RARE OCCASION your Kindle or beloved eReader runs out of juice, run to the charging booth station GO GO GO!

Aizbo Usb Charging Station, 8-Port Multiple Device: Amazon.in ...


9: Goodreads and Booktube Capsule

If you’re as vocal as I am, I’ve GOT to keep Goodreads nearby– I need to post my thoughts/reactions as I progress through my read. If you are more into ranting and having a visual element, look no further. This party will supply private ASDFGHJKL; Booths for you to rant and rave about your current read! And you won’t have to worry about the other party guests, as these capsules will be sound-proof!

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 2.10.02 pm


10: Tissues and/or Stress-Balls


Source: Jessica Seaborne, 2018 

Share your Top Ten post below, or simply comment what you’d love to see at a Very Well Organised Book Club Event™.


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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      1. Pretty good. I like spending a lot of time indoors so this feels relatively normal for me … if I can manage to forget everything that is going on outdoors.
        Those pods look really cool though … I may have to start saving up.

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