Review: Ruthless Gods

I finished this on the 6th of August… then wrote a review 2 weeks later… then never uploaded it (out of laziness!).

Header credit to OwlCrate (FB)

Overall thoughts:
This book was everything I anticipated it would be! It had the yearning, the angst, the romance, and the gore!!! I loved it. It sorted out a LOT of loose ends from Book 1. I look forward to the finale, though I can’t imagine what the heck will continue on for more than 3 or so chapters.

What made this book worth 5 stars:
If you enjoyed Book 1 as much as I did, you know what makes this story incredible. My favourite element of this book was the romances unfolding; Mal x Nadya, and Serevin with ……. (I won’t spoil). The writing is soothing to me, but it is extraneously long. I think this could easily be further cut down, but that’s my general opinion for most epic fantasies.

Something that makes this book unique/interesting:
You’ll love this book if you’re into blood magic, demon possession and villains. There’s also a great exploration between divine beings, fate, and your own consciousness. It’s deeply philosophical for a fictitious world, yet completely encapsulates prevalent issues that we see continue into present day.

Something I’d have like to have seen go differently/improve on:
The length. The G-D length. My (ruthless) GOD. It took 30% just for the gang to be re-united. I was no long anticipating it, I was just trying to marathon as much as possible so the plot can actually progress. Progress into something I didn’t already foresee. The length in this has impacted how strongly I remember the storyline (newsflash, it gets very murky!).


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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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