Hello and welcome to my book blog!

When I’m not reading or on Goodreads/blogging, I like to spend my time; chilling at the library, in a competitive round of a board game, or scrapbooking— all accompanied with a cup of green tea! Sometimes (once in a blue moon), I’ll play my flute.

I love meeting new bookreaders online, and discussing books. Feel free to friend, message, or comment to me– I’m always happy to interact.

My Rating System:

5 stars: I LOVE THIS BOOK/series. I will tell all my friends about it. I will reread this… almost immediately. I will definitely buy this book.

4 stars: I adored this book, but it’s missing one of the factors from above (eg I wouldn’t tell my friends about it).

3 stars: It was fine. It wasn’t terribly interesting or well written, and I may not reread it. I wouldn’t buy this book.

2 stars: A waste of my time. This book, if popular, is terribly overhyped and not well written.

1 star: Kill me. How could anybody let me spend my time with this??? Not happy. Will probably be sout about it for a week, and then forevermore avoid the book/series.

“If you don’t like somebody’s story; write your own.”

If you wish to contact me (thanks btw), head on over to my contact page, please.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello fellow book reader! The book blogging community is super nice so don’t worry about any hate for different interests. Also, I love Twilight too! And I’ve never even read Harry Potter, nor do I plan to, so I think we would get along fine!


  2. Do you realize your “Home” button takes you to a message saying the blog has been deleted? Throws one for a loop, it does. I realized it’s because, somewhere along the way, you changed the name of the blog. The “Home” link goes back to the original one.


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