Best and Worst of My 2020 Reads

Long time, no see! 

The last time I posted was in September 2020. I’d apologised for my absence, but who cares. I hope you’ve all had a great year despite our universal challenges. When lockdown hit, I (eventually) thought (after the seven stages of grief, naturally): yay, cozy. Time to stay inside for the year, focus on my studies and just keep reading. 


For some reason, my university thought “you know what? Here is an unprecedented amount of work and expectations for you all. Enjoy ‘staying at home’, you bludgers.” 

And to top it off, I began my year-long journey for Honours. I can positively say: I hated 2020’s impact on my learning at uni. But that’s over, and I’m not going to think about it again until mid-Feb. 


Since I was in my fourth year of university, I’ve had to complete a lot of readings. As in, seven days a week, 9am til 11pm, researching and reading. As you can imagine, I was fatigued on reading, and I didn’t want to spent my breaks picking up an anticipated YA novel or non-YA literature, including SJM and Cassie Clare’s newest releases– who am I? What has uni done to me??? 


Here are fave books of 2020: 

The Runner Ups (3 or 4 stars): 

The Perfectionists 


Published: 7/10/14

Format: Audiobook 

Rating + Review: 3.5/5 stars 

Yes No Maybe So 

52202671. sx318

Published: 4/2/20 

Format: Audiobook 

Rating: 3/5 stars (no review because I got distracted for 6 months) 

The Wicked King 

26032887. sy475

Published: 8/1/19

Format: Audiobook (even though I pre-ordered a copy) 

Rating + Review: 3/5 stars — this was the worst instalment IMO

The Evil Queen 

51140468. sx318 sy475

Published: 20/7/19

Format: Paperback 

Rating + Review: 4/5 stars

The Hand on the Wall 

48812225. sx318

Published: 21/1/20

Format: Audiobook 

Rating + Review: 4/5 stars 

Four Dead Queens


Published: 26/1/19

Format: Paperback 

Rating + Review: 4/5 stars

Queen of Air and Darkness 


Published: 4/12/18

Format: Hardback 

Rating + Review: 4/5 stars


And now… for the 5/5 stars: 

The Fountains of Silence 

51085583. sx318 sy475

Published: 1/10/19

Format: Paperback 

Review: Read this even if you hate historical fiction

Happily and Madly 


Published: 21/5/19

Format: Hardback 

Review: If you loved We Were Liars and Gossip Girl’s Season 2 Premiere, READ THIS 

Red Hood 


Published: 25/2/20 

Format: Hardback 


House of Salt and Sorrows 

53130988. sx318 sy475

Published: 6/8/19 

Format: Audiobook 

Review: Gruesome and picturesque. Gothic with pretty girls. 

A Curse So Dark and Lonely 

43204703. sy475

Published: 29/1/19

Format: Paperback 


The Queen of Nothing 

44429791. sy475

Published: 19/11/19

Format: Audiobook 


The Grace Year 

43726482. sy475

Published: 10/10/19 

Format: Paperback 

Review: I told all of my friends to read this. FEMINISM. SEXY CHARACTERS. DYSTOPIA. LOVE. 


Here are some of the books that I simply ‘did not vibe with‘: 

Call Down the Hawk

48766487. sx318

Published: 5/11/19

Format: Audiobook 

Rating + Review: 2/5 stars


40177770. sy475

Published: 25/6/19

Format: Paperback 

Rating + Review: 2.5/5 stars 

The Lady Rogue 


Published: 3/9/10 

Format: Hardback (disappointingly, I own this) 

Rating + Review: 2/5 stars

King of Fools


Published: 30/4/19 

Format: Paperback 

Rating + Review: 2/5 stars

What were your hits and sh*ts of 2020? 


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