Sweet Evil Review

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins


A million/5 stars!
When I first saw this book on goodreads, I was a bit skeptical for the majority of the ratings being 5 stars. Cmon, it’s a trashy paranormal romance in the YA section. How can it be deemed 5 stars?
But oh.

(exactly me when Kai and Anna do ANYTHING together)
This is an AMAZING book! It’s gotten me out of my reading slump, after reading a really bad paranormal romance *cough* Wither *cough*. 
So many times this book made me giggle. And gasp. And cringe VERBALLY. 
The characters were so well developed and LIKEABLE (the ones your supposed to, anyways). Their relationships were so interesting and valuable, I’m truly grateful for the thought Higgins has put into this book.
Initially, I thought this book was just going to be about Anna’s trip to LA. Usually, I’d dread a slow pace book for that. But I was perfectly happy to read about these two on their on little journey. However, I was pleasantly surprised (yet still heartbroken) that the trip wasn’t the centre focus of this story. 
This also entailed BRILLIANT, super-cool paranormal friendships with a this cliche of Neph’s that have been developed so well. You really feel for each of them, and that’s just another beautiful thing Higgins does with this book.
When I finished the last line, I let out the most ridiculous whining noise ever. 
I realised I’ll have to wait another 2-3 weeks for the sequel to come. 
I’m so sad to not read on about these, I’m sorry to say it in such a middle-school sort of way (but really, they ARE), super cool, paranormal members of the cliche. They honestly feel like friends to me. Am I that sad? Oh god. 
I’m a bit ?????? For the NYE’s pinky holding moment. 
My only issue I’d have with this book is the amount do times either Anna or Kai said they weren’t going to talk to each other, and then within, like, a week, they would, plus a passionate make out. But then go back to swearing each other off. 
This is one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read. It beats the fallen angels in Hush, Hush, and Fallen, EASILY. So if you’re into a little Patch or Cam, I’d recommend you meet Kai.
I’m trying to think of somebody that’s similar to Anna, but honestly, I can’t think of anybody. I guess she’s somewhat original (to any objectors, give some leeway to the generic protagonist finds out they’re part of a different world- because that’s the premise for any YA paranormal romance, okay?).
I lost count of how many times I laughed in this book. One of the most PRICELESS moments was when Anna’s dad FREAKED THE HELL OUT when he found out she was friends with the son of the Lust Demon. I’m even chuckling now as I write this.
The powers and specialities are so AWESOME in this book. The aura reading is so intriguing! One of the most beautiful moments in the book, is when Anna is being taught how to deal with these demons, who prey on those who are feeling a bit weak, and speak awful, downing things to them. And when the guardian angels hug their person. That was just… so beautiful! 
How does anybody else picture the guardian angels? I picture this sort of doll sized figure that floats about the persons’ heads. Also, does everybody get a G.A., or just the people in need? 
Also, a helpful feature of my edition was the list of Demon’s and their meanings. Also mentions the main Neph’s. 
I can tell Anna’s story is going to be EPIC. I wish I could write more on it, but honestly it’s so perfect I just want to write about everything. But I’ll let whomever is reading this to decide if they want to or not. 
All I can say is, if you even somewhat enjoy paranormal or romance, check out this book!

Wither Review

Wither by Lauren DeStefano
2/5 stars

I think this book would’ve been more interesting if it focused on the first generation’s. Because sad world is not fun nor interesting to read about.

I don’t think I’ll be reading the sequels. I thought there’d be more… Substance… To the book, however, I found this book to be quite shallow.

I’ve been comparing a few books to the Selection recently, so I apologise. But this book was like the first half of the selection, just more tragically polygamous and less glamorous. I didn’t fall for any of the characters, which was unfortunate. Actually, I take that back. What IS unfortunate, is that the one character I did like, Rose, wasn’t in the book for long. Now THAT was tragic.

This book is for those who hated Prince Maxon but loved Aaron.

I have nothing against polygamous relationships, but I’m sick and tired of seeing them with a male surrounded by women. The women are put AGAINST each other, and somehow, after all the faults from the male, he still is fought over and seen as a good guy. It’s disgusting, and I don’t want to read anymore of it. Yes, these wives were “sisters” to one another, but Rhine does state;

Jen was the disposable wive. Cecily was the baby maker. And she was the “first” wive.

I found this book under “worst YA paranormal romances”. I knew what was coming. But a heap of my favourite books were under it; Twilight, Hush, Hush, TMI, etc. My problem with this book is; IT’S NOT EVEN PARANORMAL. It’s BARELY romantic. I don’t know HOW it’s been reviewed in such a way.

It had such an awesome opportunity to be a great dystopian. The first generation’s, immune to all cancer and disease, finding out the perks of this new medicine. But slowly discovering that their children live to ages 20-25??? The horror and urgency to solve the issue. How great would I story be focusing around a girl, who’s family have all been prone to cancer, and kind of like in the movie, GATTACA, it’s determined at birth when and how she’ll die. She has to make the decision whether to take the cure and produce a line that die at 20, or live with the possibility of contracting a disease but having a “natural” family. NOW THAT’S what I want! 

(holy hot damn)

My last issue with this book is that hey made it seem like it’s so hard to escape. But the last 3 pages made it seem so simple?? It’s unrealistic enough, cmon!

That’s all I have to say. I don’t think I’ll be reading the sequel. The pace was too slow and the writing style wasn’t for me.


This just in:

The sequels to Sweet Evil (yas)
and the FINALE to the Lux Series!

I also found out I’m getting more wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday… So woohoo? Less pain? But oh god I won’t be able to eat or drink or read. Ugh!

I’ll (hopefully) keep you posted. I still need to read Lament, Hex Hall, and ToG (#2).

the other one

W;t Mini-Review


I’d give it much more as it had a wonderful meaning being it. However, it was surely unenjoyable to read. I hated once the dialogue… Sort of… Halved down the page(?). That was unpleasant. I’m sure it’s highly entertaining in the play. I also find Bearing a little to pretentious for my liking. I mainly wanted to hit her over the head with a brick. But hey, that’s just my opinion!

Not. Fun. To Read.

Throne of Glass Review

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass


4.5/5 stars

This book was AWESOME! I was expecting a lot more to happen, but I like it anyways.

Throne of Glass is a kickass- feminist fantasy. It’s like Mass read the Selection, picked up every error there was, and created this better version! 

The fantasy world was beautiful. Albeit, I couldn’t always keep up, but for the most part I thought it was well developed. I imagine everybody to have British accents. 

If anybody wasn’t keeping track of my updates, I was constantly asking who am I supposed to ship Cel with? The Prince (who’s practically Maxon but less… slutty?), or Choal (who’s basically Four).

Cel was an awesomely unannoying character. She WAS NOT a Mary-Sue, she LIKED to kill people, and she wasn’t like America who was a lil bitch running around the castle constantly fighting for a ~rebellion~. Cel knew what she wanted, didn’t act impulsively, and was funny. Genuinely funny, not the “I’m sassy to show you I’m not like most girls”. Though her humour slowly decreased as the book went on, but that’s understandable as she had a mini-hunger games going on. 

Random Goddesses and Faes, but that’s okay. This isn’t a Cassie Clare book, so I’m guessing we don’t need to know the theology thoroughly behind them.

I do wish we had a deeper description on what the characters looked like. Choal and Maxon- sorry, The Prince, were eventually looking the same in my head. Oops.

Cain reminded me so much of Peter from Divergent. Except, Cain didn’t stab somebody’s eye out with a butterknife. I also saw a sliver of Celine from the Selection in Kaltain. But I’m glad she was sorted out.

The final test- WELL WRITTEN, MASS! I usually get very bored reading action scenes, and usually that’s because of the writing style. Tbh, I thought I’d had Mass’ style of writing. I don’t know why, maybe I was just being a book snob. I’m not into Tolkien’s LOTR style, and for some reason this YA fantasy reminded me of it (from reading the synopsis). I was fortunately mistaken, and Mass’ style was so good, that from my original plan of sitting down and only reading 50 pages- I ended up reading the entire book in 1 sitting! That hasn’t happened in a long time (I have a short attention span). 

The romance was also a nice change. It wasn’t really insta-love, so that’s a bonus. Cel’s note for books was hysterical. I fell for Dor a little bit more when he sent his book recs. Good authors always include bookish moments in their stories 🙂 I FEEL LIKE SARAH GETS ME. She knows how to get me to fall for the story and characters.

The plot wasn’t the fastest, but it was so enjoyable to read through. I’m left here thinking, “What a nice read.” 

I wouldn’t actually read this again, just because I’m not really into this fantasy anymore. I like urban fantasy, with gadgets and cars. The alternative to that is awesome fantasy. I’m not saying ToG was a weak fantasy, bc the realm was EPIC, it’s just, the mystical creatures needed a larger focus for me to really like this book. 

I recommend this book to people who really enjoyed the first book of Divergent, particularly Tris’ time in initiation, and those who enjoyed the Selection. If you hate the Bachelor-ish parts of the Selection, than this book is for you! This book is truly a gift from God, I tell ya. 

I’ve been dying for a cleanse(?) from the Selection. What I mean is, the Selection’s synopsis was so interesting, but actually reading the story was painful. To this day I don’t know if it was the writing or America and Maxon’s characterisation, but I found the books highly problematic. They had this typical sexist undertones that I wanted to cry over. 

ToG burns all those problems, and fills them with AMAZINGNESS. I thought this book would be boring- but alas, it wasn’t! I can’t wait to read the sequel. 

Book Pick Up

Just a quick update, I picked up two new books from the library:

Crown of Midnight


The Evolution of Mara Dyer
by Michelle Hodkin 

So I’m PUMPED to be reading those soon. However, I’m not sure how soon is soon. I’m always working, including Saturday and Sunday. There’s a party on Saturday night, so I may bail and go read. My anxious mind needs its rest.

the other one

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Review

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Pretty cover ❤

Overall, I feel a bit lost. I still have this “huh???” reoccuring as I process the ending. 

This is how I felt after the first chapter:

This book made me feel like I kept on skipping chapters. I was constantly questioning why to so many things. I don’t usually hate on Mary-Sue’s, because usually I DO find them enjoyable. But I’ve just finished the forth book of the Lux series, and seeing Mara call Noah an asshole, without ever even speaking to the guy, made me cringe and do an eye roll simultaneously. She’s the Mary-“I’m not like most girls”-Damn-Sue. 

Noah wasn’t as painful once the story went on. I LOVE (note the sarcasm) how Mara sort of forgets everything half way through the book.

Noah is a notorious man-slut?
No problem, that was never mentioned!
That dog you saved, minutes from dying and where you stayed hung up on for almost 3 chapters?
Who cares, right? It’s been, like, a week. I’m sure it’s fine.
Your new ~best friend~ who gets framed and expelled by your common arch-nemesis??????? 
Don’t even try to contact him after he doesn’t pick up the phone, once.

Okay. That was all the negative stuff. I should say I did enjoy the romance of this book. However I didn’t enjoy that Noah and Mara’s only date lasted 5 chapters. Cmon. Where’s the plot?? 
I found myself asking what the actual point of this book was. Creepy stuff happens at the beginning, she moves, kind of addresses mental health issues (poorly), meets The Unattainable Boy.

 Said Boy pines for her, even though she gives no reason why The Unattainable Boy would find her interesting, aside from her “emo” eeriness.

 Focus on their time spent together, with general ~meaningful~ moments. Lose track of the plot about the creepiness from the start of the book. That epic Twilight-replica scene where Bella- sorry, Mara, had Noah pick her up, and arrive to school TOGETHER (God, save us now, that’s just TOO shocking for the school population right now). Oh, and jealous pretty girl ISN’T pleased with this. At all. 

The romantic moments were thoroughly enjoyable. I felt as if I was reading more of Veronica Roth’s work in those moments. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not the most beautifully crafted relationships either. 

I’m glad I read it. I see a lot of booktubers mention this book.

I’d recommend this book to YA’s who don’t like paranormal that much, but want to read about the Bad (Rich, Smart, and also Handsome) Boy and the Girl (we barely know much about) get together, and have some pretty cute moments. I did go “awwwwww” somewhere in the middle of the book. Around the time Noah saved the day with the sketchbook. That scene was pretty good to read! 

Hodkin was really good at making me feel Mara’s anger and confusion. Not so much on the lovey-dovey stuff, but I don’t think I’ve hated a teacher more than that Spanish Lady. I soooooooo badly wanted to throw a table at her. Ugh. 

Overall, I’m left with a need for answers for all the questions we were sprung with at the beginning. If I were to submit this in as an assignment for school, 100% guarantee my teacher would return this saying the story has major plot holes and feels highly unfinished. Like I haven’t read over my draft. This book has a lot of potential, so I hope some of my answers are given to me in the next book (which I’m not that enthused to read, but I must end this state of confusion). 

I think Noah and Mara belong in a different setting. A more… contemporary plot line. Noah, at times, did remind me of St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss. Maybe that’s why I don’t find this paranormal setting suited for this couple. I find it weak and poorly developed, additional to the character building and description. Even basic description. 

I could honestly not list 5 physical traits each for any of the characters.

Here’s what I know:
Noah; sandy blond, blue (almost grey) eyes. Tall??? Maybe?? Not muscular.
Mara; … brown… hair? Dark eyes (idk????). That’s it. That’s all I know. Oh, and she has a second degree burn.
Claire; redhair.
Jude; brown hair. ??????
Rachel; ???????
The Dyer family; ?????????
Her new bff; blond (?) dreadies. Shorter than Mara. I know more about him than of the main protagonist. “Token black, Jewish, bi friend”.
Bitch from school; blonde (of course). 

Mara gave us no insight on what she likes to do for fun. Besides the creepy asylum visit, which she didn’t enjoy. Sleepovers?? Honestly, I gathered as much as Bella Swan (I love that character to bits but all we know is she likes to cook for her dad, and study for Trig)- at least we knew Bella liked to read! WHAT DOES MARA LIKE TO DO?!? Oh yeah, she mentioned Death Cab twice. “Before” she moved to Miami.

Sorry, this review is a mess. I’m just a little frustrated with this book. But that weird thing is, depending on the sequel, I’d probably read this again. Or watch A Walk to Remember or Twilight, which would give a more interesting take, with similar romance, but more paranormal takes to it. I was expecting more paranormalcy (??), and I hate to say it, the cover gave me high paranormal romance hopes. 

It’s a good starter for new YA readers who aren’t sure if they’re untested in paranormal romances. I, on the other hand, am a very well experienced YA reader for P/R, and am feeling a little deflated. It could be because I’m in this book hangover from the Lux Series, which is significantly WAY more paranormal romancey, with a really strong couple to read about. 

This was an easy read, you don’t have to look that far into it. My high-expecting self has been, simply from what I’ve heard about it.

the other one

Origin Review

Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Ugliest cover ever

You wouldn’t think I’d give this book 6/5 stars with the ugliest cover I’ve ever seen. But I have.

This book makes up for the previous, thank god. I thought it was going to focus around the kind-of-boring-after-4-chapters DOD Area 51 hostage. But hooray- surely not. So many romantic moments, and not like the Opal moments (which were meh), like REALLY CUTE/I WAS “AWWW”ING SO LOUD cute moments.

Spoiler paragraph:
– Matthew’s betrayal- amazing, I’m glad we finally see him truly.
– Beth’s pregnancy- I’m thrilled, and totally called it (not in a bad way, I must add).

Okay seriously, the cover is hideous. I wish I could paint over or something. THERE’S ORANGE TEXT OVERLAYING THE PALE BLUE BACKGROUND. I cringe dearly.

There’s not much to say, this book was perfect? It was exciting, with a good pace (very good pace), and the ending has left me wanting more!

I have suspicions that Katy is also pregnant- one can dream (in their weird, cliche ways) anyway. I really enjoyed seeing Daemon’s perspective.

The only thing I would’ve liked to see was Bethany returning? We kind of skimmed over that, and boom she’s friendly and normal to Katy? I’m sorry, but the only impression I have of her is when she threw Katy onto the wall and was bat-shit crazy. So forgive me for not warming up to her just yet. I don’t know how I feel about Dawson. At some points I just want him to shut up, but at the end I liked his interactions with Beth.

The smackdown was AWESOME. I would looooove to see his as a movie, I honestly think it was one of the best action scenes written.

I want to know more about how’s it like in West Virginia. Which reminds me, I need to look at a map. I thought WV was slightly SE of Washington, but Katy made a few comments about the distance between Nevada and WV (time zones) as well as WV apparently being near Maryland (which I vaguely know where it is, from Hairspray)???? I’m not from America, and I really only know where NY state, California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, and Texas are. All the other states- well, they beat me!???

Now I’ll have to wait another 2 weeks for the sequels to deliver, and by then, I’m back to school D:<

I recommend to those who enjoyed reading Breaking Dawn. You’d love this 100% like I did! 🙂


Opal Review

Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout


It didn’t succeed its previous instalments, unfortunately. However, I found near to no grammar errors so woohoo!

I think I didn’t like it as much because the couple was happy? We all know when the couple isn’t happy; it’s more interesting to read. Or maybe it is just for me…

I did enjoy the romantic moments- and rest assured, there was stacks! Katy barely mentioned her love for books in this instalment, which surprised me. (Spoiler) Maybe all the sexy-times with Daemon keep distracting her? (End of spoiler) This book was basically a filler in the series. It’s like Twilight’s Eclipse but without the worthy material like the proposal.

There was a few plot twists I definitely didn’t suspect- Carissa being the main one. I never trusted Blake, but the ending did make me go ?????????? Oh but the best plot twist, hands down, was the creepy Blake sleeping thing. Oh. My. God.

The second half of the book was far more enjoyable to read , I must say. I have Origin in my lap right now, I need to keep reading.

Would I reread this book? I actually wouldn’t, if it was a stand-alone. But I probably will because it’s part of my new favourite series.
Cute moments? Not as cute as before, but that’s my opinion since they’re happy and stable (and who wants to read about a stable paranormal relationship? NOT ME!)

I think I recommend this to readers who enjoyed Eclipse and Insurgent. It’s that stage after the super-angsty terror that was around in the last book for the couple. No sad bits, really, until the end.

The last page KILLED me. I even gasped. Like, an audible, dramatic gasp. I didn’t even notice how loud it was until my brother raced in asking am I okay! (Which I’m not- I need to read Origin)