Abandon Review

Abandon by Meg Cabot


The pace was 3.5/5 stars for the majority of the book, but the last 30% made up for everything. 

I didn’t like how the flashbacks were not in chronological order (that made me confused). It also ended up having a sort of Insta-love, which disappointed me. Like John didn’t really turn up until the end of the book, and even though she was alive for another 2 years, somehow they ended up having insta-love by the last 20 pages of the book. I wasn’t upset about Jade, btw. That wasn’t nearly as impacting as I think it’s intended.

Okay, bad stuff has been said. Everything else was wonderful, Cabot continues to write in a relatable, unique teen voice. I cracked up laughing when Pierce (such a bad name, may I add) got her hair caught in the necklace. It’s something I would’ve been taking note of it I were in her shoes. The romance was super cute aside from being insta.

I feel like this book was really the prologue to the actual plot. I was waiting for the entire book for John to bring her back, but that’s literally the last 5 pages. I’m not too mad, as the book was only 294 pages long. I NEED to hit up my library and find the sequels, it’s definitely a refreshing YA paranormal romance I haven’t read yet. I want more!

Ps: I have implied the book was slow and plot twists were predictable, but I must add that there was a few mysteries that did shock me!

The Cage Review

The Cage by Megan Shepherd


4.5/5 stars

It lost .5 because I don’t ship Cassian and Cora. But I have enough hope for the next book to have Lucky and Cora reunite. And Nok and Rolf were super cute until Nok went a lil crazy (that sucked).

There was honestly nothing wrong with this book?

It had great sci-fi/romance moments, and an awesome range of diversity that I really appreciate. The beginning was a bit slow. Many times throughout the book you may find it boring because of the obviousness to a scene, like you already figured out the mystery/puzzles, and this happened to me a lot in the book; BUT THE ENDING JUST RIPPED EVERYTHING APART. Amazing.

Shepherd is a truly talented twister for plots.

I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Mum’s Birthday/Hospital Visit

I feel like I haven’t sat down and recounted my day in ages.

I woke up at 5:55, as my mother was busying around the house. It was her 49th birthday, and she had to go into hospital to remove her large, painful varicose veins in her legs. She’s had them my entire 16 years of life, so I will be shocked to see what she looks like without them. She was picked up at 6, and I made sure to give her the birthday present and card. I was quite nervous for this operation, as my grandfather died from this surgery after the doctor made a mistake. I was practically numb all day.

My brother left the house at 7:30 to catch a train to Luna Park. He was at the door pacing around.

“Travel card?”

Note what was missing, that neither of us checked off. 

So I was home alone all day. At some point around 11, there was a crash in the kitchen. I heard stomping too (which made me paralysed oh my god). I had just finished reading Opal (review coming soon), and was currently watching Friends.

I finally got the guts to walk outside my room, and I noticed the back door was unlocked. I frantically texted my brother, who just laughed at me. I hadn’t been outside all day. Had he?

I usually like the house all closed up; windows, doors, and curtains. I guess I’m that hermitted (that’s not a word but I’m making it one).

I gathered enough courage to check half of my mother’s room, but chickened out and ran to my own room, where I played very loud Friends.

My brother texted me that he had made it to the train station, and forgot his debit card. I had lent him $70, and he forgot it. He had to call my mother, who was potentially in an operation, but thankfully quickly bought him an online ticket. Within a minute she was called into the waiting rooms, with the wheel chairs and nurses.

For about 2.5hrs I was too terrified to go down the southern regions of my house, so I held onto my need to pee and food, and just sat in my bed. That sucked. I started texting my friend who is going to pick my mother up. She didn’t want to come over as she had school projects to work on, which I understand.

I started reading Origin (far better than Opal) when my mum finally texted me she’s out of the surgery. I had an hour to get to the hospital before she was let go. I texted my friend, and we made our way to the closest Hungry Jacks (or Burger King if you’re American). HJ is my mum’s favourite treat, and I thought she’d be hungry after not eating for 26hrs. We picked her up on time, I had her special (Jr. Whopper, coke, sundae, and small chips) ready to go. She was in a wheel chair- we had to lift her into the car. She was feeling really nauseous up until 9pm. We got home at 5pm, she only drank her coke and went straight to bed. She can’t shower for 6 days! Can you believe it? My mother was nearly dying from that order, she needs to shower- she likes to be very, very clean. She was crying and gagging up until I sat down with her at 7, and we went through the Romance section of Netflix, and picked out some things for her to watch while she’s on bedrest for the next two weeks. We did this until 9pm, but she said she thoroughly enjoyed my soothing voice as I read out the synopsises at the end of her bed, it took her mind “off all the suffering”. That was a nice feeling.

My brother safely made it home at 8pm, which was worrying. He was waiting at a bus stop for 20mins in the central-sketchy-city, and he wasn’t answering his phone.

That’s pretty much it for me. I’m now paranoid about my everlasting ghost theory (I should write a blog post explaining that properly), and I’m enjoying spending time with my recovering mother.

It seems too dark in my house. And silent.

the other one

Onyx Review

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5/5 stars


I’m sorry, I can’t retrieve my review of the first book. In summary: I love it so much. 11/5 stars for that book. This series is one of my favourite of all time.

Transcended my expectations! I cringed at a few scenes and spelling errors, here and there; but overall I loved this book. There was definitely more angst in this one, which I’m unsure if I liked that or not (how ironic).

There’s not much else to add, I just really loved the book. I can’t believe I’ll have to wait another 2 weeks for the sequels to arrive (I bought the rest of the series- I know I’ll enjoy the rest now).

Katy is extremely relatable and hilarious– one of my favourite quotes is when she said books are more important then the life-threatening Arum. I just want to hug her and clap for the choices she made (except for the whole Blake thing– but that’s a different story all together!).

I don’t trust Matthew. He hasn’t given any reason for me to doubt him, but it’s my only theory on who betrayed D&B.

Speaking of whom, what ever happened to Bethany??? That was a quickly dismissed plot twist IMO. However, I love/hate the plot twist at the end. Bless J.L. Armetrout.

Romance: 40000000/10- it feels like the best Twilight fanfic I’ve ever read combined into a read book????
Writing: 8/10 (I’d say 7 because of editing but I love the style and POV sm)
Angst: the good kind
Friendship: Low af- I’m sad for Dee x Katy
Reread? Not as much as I would of Obsidian, although I definitely will whenever I get the chance to reread the entire series.

Lady Midnight Review!

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (my fave)


With over 10 other books, it thought for sure Cassie has reached her peak in writing. I was, thankfully, mistaken! THIS HAS TRUMPED ALL OTHER SHADOWHUNTER BOOKS. 

I honestly thought Cassie couldn’t top Clace or Wessa or the painstaking angst inside the halls of the Institutes; but I was wrong. Jemma/Blackstairs/whatever you want to call them- are now my favourite couple. Like ever. Of all books. Not just Shadowhunters; of all books. 
It’s probably a bold choice for me to say, since other ships that are close to number 1 are; Anna and her French beau (bless), Edward and Bella (I’m not sorry at all), and Christian and Lisa (holy hot damn is all I can say for them). Don’t take mistake this as me saying Clace and Wessa are crap compared to this ship, because they’re amazing and I’ve cried over each of those ships multiple times, but there’s something that Cassie had finally nailed that has captured PURE GENIUS into this storyline.

When I first found out the new trilogy was set in LA, I cringed and was immediately off put. I’m not a fan of reading anything beachy or in hot places, I prefer mystical forests and epic urban architecture. But somehow, Queen Cas has turned me into loving this location (which is a big deal since I’m more stubborn than 1000 Clary’s combined). 

I apologise if my review isn’t helpful, I’m still kinda shocked after the ending. THE ENDING. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s going to take a long time to get over this book hangover. Lady Midnight has such wonderful mystery that I completely didn’t suspect, ever. It ties in so well by the end and I just want to bow down to Cassie’s amazing talent. 

This is my new favourite book, and I’ll definitely be reading it over and over. More times than the other Shadowhunter books. It’s such a funny and refreshing read from the other instalments. But this is a Shadowhunter novel, and with all the hilarity; comes gut wrenching sadness. And somehow I enjoy it? What has Cassie turned me into???

My favourite things:– Jules (sorry Herondale boys, as much as a slut I’ve been for you guys in the past few years; Julian Blackthorn is now number 1)– Church. I don’t even like cats (I’m allergic too), and after reading about this fluff-ball I want one– The NYC gang tie ins– The deeper insight into the Faerie Realm– MOST IMPORTANTLY; everything to do with the dear relationship of Emma and Julian. I can’t get enough of them. They’re cuter, hotter and even more tragic than any of the ships from the previous novels COMBINED. I don’t think I’ll be getting over them anytime soon.
I’ll probably update this review later, but for now this is all I can fathom while in this post- LM state. 19/3/16.

One thing I know for sure; this book 100% deserves 5 stars. I’ve rated some of the other Shadowhunter novels 3-5 stars, but I may need to knock all of them down a star since this has raised the bar for top-notch quality sexy demon hunters who have teen angst.

Eleanor & Park Review

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
4.5 stars (.5 taken off because of the typos and the ending)

I only just finished the book, like, a minute ago. And I’m shaking??? This was not AT ALL what I thought the book was going to be about. This was darker and way more angsty than I imagined. I loved it. 

But at the same time I hate it because I read books for happy endings. I expected this book to be a short, fluffy novel that I’d laugh at, similar to Paper Towns by J Green. But nope, nopidy, nope, nope, nOPE. 

I won’t ever forget this book.

Cruel Beauty Review

Cruel Beauty by  Rosamund Hodge


I would’ve given it a 4/5 but I finished the story:

– still hating Shade (seriously, he was written in about 2 chapters in and suddenly they’re in love???)
– not understanding what was going on. Ever. I feel like I was skipping chapters and missing heaps of info. It was written in such an odd way, I honestly felt dizzy (I was that confused).

I’m glad I’ve read it, it just wasn’t for me. Now that I’ve found out the sequel doesn’t relate to this story, I don’t think I’ll be continuing. I really love Ignifex and Nyx, and how awesome the house was. And then poof, “I woke”. Cmon, “I woke”??? I was taught never to write that sin when I was in primary school!

I recommend this to people who love Greek mythology and a quick read.

I wish I found a library to borrow this from instead of paying for it.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Review

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


(reviews are from my Goodreads account)It would’ve been a 2/5 if Peter wasn’t so adorable. 

I never skip pages. But I did in the book. When this damn 17 year old CHILD starts talking about Daddy cooking in the kitchen, I skip over to the next page. That was incredibly boring, and not useful to the plot. This book does encourage me that one day, my books will be published. If this was, I don’t know what could be rejected. 

I hated this book, I really did. But then Josh and Peter became a bigger problem, and it improved enough for me to grade it 3 stars. I was very confused on where the book was going, I honestly thought Josh was the one I hoped Lara would end up with, but then Peter did adorable things and had his funny jock buddies and donuts and that made it better 🙂 

I dreaded reading because of this book. If I reread it, I’ll be skipping the first 50 pages.

Things I won’t miss:– “duh”– “Daddy” and “Mommy” said by the 16/17 year old– Kitty– Margot– Chris (her character was useless)– “DADDY”

I didn’t find Lara Jean (such a stupid name I can’t even) likeable, until the end.

Read it if you like slow paced, very PG, fluffy stories. 

Would I read the sequel? Yes. That book caught my eye before this one, and I wish I could’ve skipped the first book. I need to find out what happened with Peter (he’s the only one, besides Josh, that I care somewhat for in this story). 

The One Review

4.5 stars overall
2.5 for the first half
5ish for the second half


The One by Kiera Cass

I don’t like her writing style. A few times she’s misused words or phrases them poorly. The first half of the book had me struggling to continue. But suddenly after the half way mark, I couldn’t let go. In total, I cried 3 times for this book. For the last 30 pages, it took me 2 hours to read… Mainly because of crying so hard. 

I didn’t like in the series how absolutely nothing changed for three books. The same stuff trends:

– problematic politics– Mer is gutsy for her fellow poor caste members– she loves her family– her and Max are super happy together– Aspen appears– devious other Elitists do something– Mer makes it worse for herself– this usually is a public announcement that (is awesome and far more interesting than a Katniss Everdeen propaganda speech) is against the King’s wishes– the King gets angry– Max and her are on the rocks– she decides she will give up and is not worthy for Max (and this particular point always got me because Max was an absolute prick for the majority of the series when it included the other girls and she was the one deemed imperfect and unworthy… And it would’ve been fine if the ending showed contrary to this, but ultimately nothing changed besides… [next dot point]) – life or death situation / attack (that leads to…) – Max and Mer rekindle 

You know what I wanna read now? I wanna read about this story but it being a princess who has to choose between other guys. It’s sad that if that were the case, an uproar from the critics would deem it as trash, sexist and poorly written. That when it’s girls fighting over a guy, fine, but once it’s guys fighting over a girl, it’s a display of how ridiculous girls are in our modern culture. Please note, after writing this I found out The Heir is about their daughter going through the process. So… oops. Just enjoy this ramble. 

Overall, I’m a sucker for this story. Who doesn’t love a dystopia YA romance about a reality TV show and fight to the top to be a princess? 

I’m glad how Maxon turned out. I loved they had one more lovers spat before it resolved. It’s refreshing compared to other series. I hated Celeste (?) up until this book, with a burning passion. I knew her story was about to take a turn for tragedy immediately once Cass made her favourable. Of course, that’s how authors have to be (sadistic). But I love it and I’m thanking for the wonderful adventures.

the other one


Hi! I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted- my apologies.

It’s well into the early hours of the day, so I’ll keep things quick. Don’t fret, I’ll extend later.

The reason I haven’t uploaded is because:

  1. Sweet 16 Silliness
  2. Anxiety struggles in the midst of the yearly exams
Oh. I thought the list would be much longer… But then again, all I do is literally stare at glass or paper all day for “fun”. Guilty is charged. 
My anxiety made me go into a horrible state and I’ve kinda recoiled like a hermit. I haven’t left the house in just over a week. To keep my mind completely off my panic, I read the entire Twilight Saga. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog, but for years (3 or 4) I’ve adored Twilight. It’s one of my favourite universes to escape in to. Did I distract myself successfully? 
Now that I’m on holidays, I have time to read all the books I picked up from the library before I locked myself away and became motivated to write. I’ve never really attempted before… well, not for a few years. A while ago, when I was waiting for my goodreads app to load, it does it’s usual display of inspiring book quotes. One stuck with me and has changed my views and motivation to attempt writing now than in the omniscient future. 

“If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own”― Chinua Achebe

So wish me luck, think about this beautiful quote and if you have any plot requests; please feel free to comment them because I would love to attempt some ideas.

the other one