Review: Lady Rogue

Over a month later, and I finally post my review (oh, the procrastination!).

Header credit to @darkfaerietales_

Rating: 2/5 stars

Overall thoughts:
This was a big ol’ disappointment. When I read an early-version of the blurb, it promised me vampires and romance and travel. That is technically the case, but I feel ripped off.

What made this book worth 2 stars:
The book is actually entirely historical fiction. It’s about a rich young girl whose father is missing, and she travels via the Orient Express to track him down, using his journal. She doesn’t travel alone— she has her bestie and sorta love interest from the past, join her. He’s 2 dimensional, there’s nothing else to write about him.

Anyways— the story is fast paced. They drop into several Eastern European towns, and are chased by evil men and wolves! Oh my!

This would have been more enjoyable if it didn’t happen three times: the couple squabble, they go into the town, split up, then the evil men come by, and phew, they forgive each other. Back onto the train.

It was as formulaic as a Scooby Doo mystery.

Something that makes this book unique/interesting was:
I absolutely adored the atmosphere. It was the 1930s through the eyes of a rich American while in Eastern Europe. It’s hardly ever something we see in YA lit, and it was magical in its own right. But it was NOT creative.

Something I’d have like to have seen go differently/improve on:
1. Don’t sell us something that this isn’t. The plot was nothing like the blurb prefaced it to be. Absolute SHAM.
2. The characters need more ‘realness’ and consideration into them. They actually come off EXTREMELY privileged, but there is no journey to them being challenged by that. The resolution deals with nothing: she’s still beautifully rich, but her family is okay. (????????????)
3. More vampires, less ‘folk lore from the village people’ if you’re going to sell the plot with ‘vampires galore!’.