Library Loot #8 – LIBRARY LOCK-DOWN

Before you read any further, I hope you, your family, and any other loved ones, are safe and healthy during these times. I hope you have been impacted as little as possible due to COVID-19. I know many book bloggers are anxious enough as it is, world-wide pandemics do NOT help with the matter.

Tune in for a quick read at all the books I was lucky enough to loot (borrow) before Central Coast Libraries and Hornsby Shire Libraries shut down. This book blogging meme is hosted by Claire and Sharlene.

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Library Loot #7

Library Loot is hosted by Claire and Linda, who ask for us to brag about our looting from the library! I am a proud library member of the Central Coast Library Branch, as well as the Hornsby Shire Library Branch. I encourage all of you to support your local libraries. They do magical things. Shout out to Tacoma Public Library for the best range of sexy, hardbacks in all of America!

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How Libraries Could Improve for the Next Generation

I rant way too long wowee…

I know recreational reading is a dying habit, but I’m still somebody who frequently visits my local library. In the summer, I stay in the library for over 20hrs per week. In the winter, I may visit only once a week. But that’s still better than most!

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