Trial Exams

Hello my fabulous readers,

Just a quick update– I’m about to enter into three weeks of purgatory. I’d say hell, but it isn’t the official real-deal, exams. But they 30%, and imitate the finals. The big ones weigh 50%. Soooooo these are still pretty stressful.

To add even more stress, my mother is going into to surgery, and at bed rest for 2 weeks straight. I’m also being called a retard and other various profanities by both my mother and brother– so the home life’s pretty hard right now. I uncovered my mother’s diary last night, revealing a range of harmful thoughts she has of me. Fun.

Really, my only escape is reading. Simple as that. I wish I had more time for it. But I have to study. Since I don’t own a table and my family is too poor to afford anything else but the kitchen bar, I’ve been using that to study on. It’s situated in between my mother and brother’s room, so really I’m an open target during that time. It certainly doesn’t make studying any easier.

For now I’ll be back to studying and suffering, I hope you enjoy your week.

Things I love rn:

  • Rick Riordan’s work
  • The Holy Trinity (as in Grace, Hannah, and Mamarie)
  • Green tea (more than the usual adoration)
  • Graphic design (sometimes I go eh and am not bothered, but if I had the time I’d totally do it- I miss it)
the other one

Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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